Natural Gas

Looking at the industry in 2009, we saw an opportunity step out with a cost effective, environmentally friendly, and American sourced fuel. Today, natural gas is providing a path for our customers to develop new solutions in their supply chains – ultimately delivering more value to their customers.

  • First running natural gas powered trucks operating outside CA.
  • Developed the longest natural gas powered lane in the US – over 1000 miles.
  • Utilizing CNG in multiple dedicated fleets.
  • Deploying natural gas in a random OTR network throughout the Midwest.
  • Over 100 CNG power units across the fleet.

Whether you’re motivated by demonstrating to your sustainable social conscience to your customer or just looking to partner with someone that knows how to remove cost from the supply chain, we invite you to speak with our CNG knowledgeable team at PTI and let them show you how you can do both!