We believe in the pursuit of perfection. Although perfection is not obtainable, by pursuing it we have achieved excellence.

To achieve PTI’s level of excellence and support our cultural approach to safety, we have put together the following:

  • Orientations:
    • Environment that consists of open and active participation.
    • Interactive training / refresher modules.
    • Personalized approach and attention given to each new hire throughout the process.
  • Quarterly Driver Meetings:
    • Relationship building environment.
    • Group forum to discuss company and industry updates.
    • Driver Recognition & Rewards Presentation.
  • Driver Recognition:
    • Red Rewards Program:
      • Safety and overall performance result recognition on a monthly / Quarterly / Yearly basis.
    • Driver Excellence Club:
      • Members of an elite group within our driver force that value and maintain optimal performance results.
  • Training Programs:
    • Whether a new hire or seasoned veteran, we firmly believe in continued education and providing qualified resources to our driver force. Our training team’s mission is to provide a personalized approach to continuous improvement initiatives.