Making a Difference with Compressed Natural Gas

Generally, I hate stereotypes, but hating stereotypes allows me to fill my own.  I’m a millennial, vegetarian, reusable bag using, recycle-bin office monitor who just wants to make the world a better and less carbon-filled place. First, you’re probably asking first why I’m telling you this and second, why I chose a career within a male-dominated industry that puts one-time use water bottles in a trailer powered by diesel.  I did it because years ago Paper Transport convinced me that I could make difference, and with our customer partnerships like Unilever, they were right.

Making a Difference with Natural Gas

To help Unilever reach its goal of net-zero emissions by 2039, we run Paper Transport’s largest dedicated fleet of Compressed Natural Gas. CNG, locally sourced, burns cleaner than both diesel and gasoline.  This has allowed Paper Transport’s to reduce its’ own carbon footprint by just under half a percent, run quieter, and reduce our reliance on foreign fuel.  Even better, some of this fuel is sourced from Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), the waste coming from existing landfills or manure pits, resulting in a negative carbon footprint and a more affordable fuel option.  Paper Transport has been doing this type of work since 2010, the first trucking company outside of California to do so.  As a proven leader in the sustainability realm, Paper Transport and Unilever are already working to lead the pack on electric vehicles and other partnerships to capture carbon from our trucks before it even hits the air.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Different types of fuel within transportation often grab the headlines, but on a daily basis every person at Paper Transport, both behind the wheel and in the office, helps contribute to reducing the carbon that enters our atmosphere.  For example, with the diligent work by our drivers and maintenance staff, our trucks average over 8 miles per gallon, well above the average of 7.27.  Not only saving the planet, but ultimately reducing the cost for our customers.  Additionally, with the conscientious focus of our freight planners, they reduce miles where there is nothing in the trailer, also driving down cost while keeping unnecessary carbon out of the air.  These are only a few of the countless examples where our multiple sustainability-focused award-winning Paper Transport employees help preserve our fresh air.

Creating a Healthier Planet

As one of these millennials that have been given almost every audacious stereotype on the planet at this point, I want to remind everyone that if any of us want a better world, then we have to go out there and make it.  Roughly, 71% of global emissions come from about 100 companies and the vast majority of those companies, like Unilever, are spending time every single day trying to make this world a better place. At Paper Transport, we can work together to make sure it happens. I challenge every person out there to bring your audacious ideas to Paper Transport because I am excited to hear them and even more excited to save this planet together.


Autumn Siudzinski, Account Development  Manager

Autumn Siudzinski is the Account Development Manager at Paper Transport Inc.  She has been at Paper Transport for almost 7 years with experience in a variety of operations and customer-facing leadership roles, including being part of teams that have won Intermodal Carrier of the Year from P&G and Dedicated Carrier of the Year from Unilever.  Siudzinski completed her MBA from UW-Oshkosh in 2020. She now oversees Paper Transport, Inc.’s Account Management Team and manages key customer relationships.

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