From Driver to Driver Trainer – Jason Waldroup

Jason Waldroup’s years as a Driver Trainer have been enriching and informative. Truck driving for 25 years, Waldroup is an experienced driver trainer and mentor, and hopes other drivers are up for the challenge. About Jason Born and raised in California, Waldroup’s dad was a truck driver, so trucking is in his blood. He remembers…

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10 Reasons you should become a truck driver

10 reasons (feature image)

Currently, there is an increasing shortage of truck drivers across the nation! Truck driving can be an exciting job opportunity for anybody who likes to be independent, determined, adventurous, and self-motivated. 10 reasons why you should become a truck driver: Job Security There is always a need for truck drivers! Truckers are part of the…

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Operation Safe Driver Week (July 11-17)

Operation Safe Driver Week

From July 11 – 17, Law enforcement from the US and Canada will participate in Operation Safe Driver Week and will be on the lookout for commercial and passenger vehicle drivers engaging in unsafe driving behaviors on the road. This week-long initiative will focus on speeding, due to an increase in traffic fatalities in the…

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Paper Transport Driver Passenger Program

Passenger Program

Bring your family and friends on the road this summer with PTI’s Passenger Program! The Passenger Program allows drivers to earn the privilege of bringing along family and friends after having passed a probationary period of 60 days free of any accidents, write-ups, or suspensions. Drivers must also have acceptable driving records free of any…

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5 Summer Truck Driving Tips

summer truck driving tips - feature

Summer is one of the busiest seasons for Americans, everyone is out and about! However, for a truck driver, summer brings a whole new set of issues to be wary of. Here are five summer truck driving tips to stay safe on the road.   Keep Tires Inflated and Maintain Your Tire Pressure If your…

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Red Rewards Program: Get Rewarded for Upholding Our Safety Culture


In support of Paper Transport, Inc.’s mission as an employer of choice; PTI has established a driver recognition program that acknowledges our drivers based on established metrics that encourage a performance-based environment, with enhanced driver engagement. All drivers are recognized at our quarterly safety meetings and are given monetary rewards based on the overall score…

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Our Commitment to Safety


Why does safety matter? The answer to this question is different for every person because what matters to every individual is different. That said every person matters and what matters to you is important and the only way to value both of those things in the most appropriate way and to the highest level is…

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Boot Reimbursement Program for Truck Drivers


Being a truck driver is not easy. Often, you are required to multitask and think quickly. There is nothing worse than feeling like you have sore, tired, and aching feet in the middle of those busy days. As a truck driver, you should have a great pair of loose-fitting, comfortable, slip-resistant, safe to wear boots.…

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Paper Transport’s Women in Trucking

Women play an important role in trucking, making up 6.6 percent of the 3.5 million truckers according to the American Trucking Association. Since 2010, the number of professional female truck drivers in the United States has increased 68 percent and continues to grow. For many women entering the industry, it can be a bit intimidating…

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What to Expect at Driver Orientation


You’ve accepted a job offer with Paper Transport and are starting to prepare for the onboarding process. Being prepared and asking the right questions beforehand can make the experience more enjoyable. We have pulled together a list of the most commonly asked trucking orientation questions so that you can get a better idea of what…

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