National Truck Driver Appreciation Week – 2021

This year’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is from September 12th to the 18th. Each year Americans across the nation pay respect and thank all the hard work and sacrifices that truck drivers take with their commitment to being a crucial part of our growing economy. Trucking is a large part of our economy, as without it – many of us wouldn’t have access to any goods, from produce to other consumer products. According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), there are roughly 3.5 million truck drivers (both men and women) putting in the hard work to deliver their loads, with security, on time, and above all with the utmost safety.

This year’s Driver Appreciation week takes on special importance considering the key role truck drivers had taken during the covid-19 pandemic. Please join us as we give thanks to the truck drivers that play such an essential role in our everyday lives.

For National Truck Driver Appreciation Week at Paper Transport, we want to celebrate our drivers with a daily giveaway. Giveaways will take place on Monday, September 13, 2021 – Friday, September 17, 2021, at 1:30 pm CST on Facebook.

Daily Prizes:

  • 1st – Carhartt Duffle Bag, Blanket, Thermos, and Hat
  • 2nd – Carhartt Backpack, Thermos, and hat
  • 3rd – Carhartt cooler, Thermos, and hat
  • 4th – Hat and Thermos
  • 5th – Hat and Thermos

Team members from operations will also be visiting the various PTI terminals and locations to help commemorate Driver Appreciation Week with other giveaways and cookouts for drivers!

Keep up to date on our Facebook page this week for more content relating to Driver Appreciation.

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