For us, it’s all about offering flexible freight hauling solutions and to build custom made shipping solutions for our current, and prospective, customers, we use a three-fold approach based on Capacity, Value, and Service. Here’s how it all ties together:


Paper Transport, Inc. Truck Trailer Being LoadedPTI is not only an asset-based carrier, but we are also an IMC with company owned drayage trucks, allowing us to provide freight brokerage, logistics, and intermodal services.

Asset-Based Carrier Truckload, Dedicated, Regional, Local, Shuttle, and Yard

  • Have a disciplined trucking network that spans the Midwest and Southern United States with 12 separate terminals, delivering a high level of shipping capacity to customers.
  • Employs 855 Class A CDL Drivers. As of October 23, 2019, PTI’s year-to-date turnover was 54.7%, which is much lower than the industry average of 98% according to American Trucking Associations’ Trucking Activity Report.
  • Equipment includes 875 trucks and more than 3,000 dry van trailers.

Door-To-Door Intermodal – Dray, Intermodal COFC, TOFC, Brokerage

  • Access to company-owned rail boxes along with third party dray and 80,000 rail-owned boxes
  • Primary drays assets include Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA, and Jacksonville, FL
  • Access to UP, CSX, NS, CN, CP, and FEC railroads

Thanks to the ability to utilize our own trucks, trailers, and rail-boxes in conjunction with having access to third party dray and rail-owned boxes for shipping, we’re able to handle inbound and outbound freight to deliver improved cost and capacity to our customers. In short, if you have a shipping need that’s unique, we’ll find a way to get that freight where it has to go.


SmartWay Transport Partner logo - Getting There with Cleaner AirAt PTI, we understand price is a leading factor when a customer chooses a transportation company. Most will go with the one offering the lowest option on the market. However, the lowest price available typically doesn’t equal the best value available, which is what we strive to offer. We are focused on providing our customers with high-level value while at the same time giving them cost-effective shipping solutions.

To achieve a synergy between price and value, we’ve tasked ourselves with building a sustainable truck driving fleet throughadvancements that have reduced our carbon footprint, the overall impact on the environment we have on the environment, and our fuel costs. Some highlights of PTI’s growth, development, and processes include:

  • The development of a CNG fleet in 2010: PTI saw an opportunity with an American-sourced fuel within the transportation industry that was cost effective and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. In February of 2010, PTI became the first trucking company outside of California to operate class-8 natural gas trucks in an over-the-road application. The bold strategy solidifies PTI’s position as a true innovator. Today, natural gas is providing a path for our customers to develop new solutions in their supply chains and ultimately deliver more value to their customers. Currently, more than 20% of the company’s tractors are powered by natural gas.
  • Reducing fuel costs through equipment improvementThe PTI team has researched a variety of ways to improve fuel consumption through the installation of new equipment, utilizing the following: wide based tires, tag axles, wheel covers, down sped drivelines, battery powered truck cooling systems, bunk heaters, and trailer skirts.
  • Reducing fuel costs through driver training and incentivesPTI’s greatest asset is its drivers and PTI has been able to decrease its fuel consumption through driver coaching, training, monthly MPG bonuses, reward programs, compensation packages, and smarter trip planning tools.
  • Multiple HDT Green Fleet Award Winner and SmartWay Certified


PTI Customer Service Team in our Wisconsin OfficePTI is not only committed to meeting the service needs of our customers, but we work hard and efficiently to surpass them. When they call, we answer and if they should happen to have a problem, we’ll work quickly to come up with a practical resolution. In short, we go above and beyond to meet their shipping needs.

In order to provide customer service that’s unparalleled in the transportation industry, here’s how we make it happen:

  • Innovative Partnerships – We’ve developed valuable partnerships with businesses, companies, and organizations both in, and outside, the transportation industry to innovate our processes and push our company forward. Some current companies we work with include Omnitracs, Drivewyze, and Luma.
  • Technology Investments Recognizing the need to constantly evolve, we’ve made numerous investments in technology, allowing our entire team to work smarter. Not only have be purchased and further developed both hardware and software applications/programs, but our team has also effectively utilized open platforms, integrated cloud based programs, and made advancements with EDI connectivity. A few examples of technology tools we use include Galaxy tablets, smartETA, and different cloud based platforms.
  • Accurate Reporting – Thanks to our innovative partnerships and technology investments, we have an integrated fleet management system that allows us easily track shipments and their locations. Using the system, we can provide real time updates on departure, transit, and arrival times for every load so customers have visibility to their freight. Plus, we can predict when loads will be delivered and offer custom made tailored reporting.
  • Efficient Organizational Structure – Our operation teams are teams are organized by job function with dedicated driver managers, driver planners, and a complete customer service team. Driver managers support our Class A CDL Drivers, driver planners trip plan routes and freight, and the customer service team works closely with our customers to meet their needs.
  • Proactive Communication – If we see a potential problem with a shipment, we reach out to our customers immediately to address what could happen and come up with a resolution before it might even be needed. Our goal is to stay ahead of the freight game so our customers never gap in service.

To learn more about our freight hauling solutions or to get in touch with one of our sales representatives, please give us a call at 1-877-867-7551, email or submit the form below.