In Paper Transport, Inc.’s 20+ years of providing asset-based intermodal service, we’ve developed a customer-driven, custom-made solution that goes the distance:

Our trucks and world-class professional drivers paired with rail-owned containers allow us to pick and deliver the last mile, while allowing the rails to move large amounts of freight over long distances. We are the only company using company trucks with the rail-owned containers. That’s the RED value – Reliable Efficient Dray delivering to your customer.

REDmodal Value

We believe there is a difference between the communication and connectivity that can be captured when hiring a 3rd party drayage service (frequently staffed by independent owner-operators) vs. our GPS tracked, fully-compliant company trucks and drivers. Check it out:

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We are the only door-to-door intermodal provider who uses rail-owned containers, owns our trucks, and works with professional company drivers – delivering the RED (reliable, efficient, dray) value. Other IMCs book 3rd party drayage providers who are not under their direct control, and frequently utilize equipment and trucks that may not be world-class quality.

The Difference:

  • With assets on the ground, we are keenly focused on having both inbound and outbound freight – delivering improved cost and capacity to our customers.
  • We have a focus on the longer drayage runs – when capacity is tight, most providers naturally make the best use of dray capacity and handle the local moves. With our drivers needing the miles and often as part of getting home, we specialize in longer drays.

The Benefit of Rail-Owned Containers:

  • Capacity: With more than 70,000 containers, the fleet is significantly larger than current leading logistics companies.
  • Demand: We can hold containers in a market where we’ve delivered.
  • Flexibility & Balance: We don’t need balanced markets. The railroad re-balances the equipment.

Technology and Communication:

  • GPS locations tied to EDI connectivity – we can provide real time updates on locations and arrivals of your shipment
  • Custom-made reporting tailored to your needs
  • Our operations team is assigned by customer, which means the person handling your communication, working with the drivers, and talking to the railroad is the same person every day

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Yes, the big guys own their containers. If all of your lanes are high volume AND hitting key markets, that’s great! However, if you have shipments spread across the country, container owners need to ask themselves: “Do we really want to put our containers in every market?”

Certainly, not every market is an asset owner’s favorite. When asked to serve a less than ideal market, it comes with a cost.
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There is absolutely a place for the large door-to-door providers who own their containers – but it’s not right for every lane. Those carriers are willing to go to the fringes – and then someone needs to pay to reposition that container.

Our broader coverage applies the largest container fleet in the industry with our tractors. All being driven by the best drivers in the industry. That world-class system is handling the most important part of the job – delivering to your customer. Adding our asset-based model into your mix gives you powerful growth and service opportunities.

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