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PTI Employee Spotlight: John McLaughlin


Installment #2 of the PTI Employee Spotlight Series PTI team member John McLaughlin and his family. The featured team member of the second installment of the Paper Transport, Inc. Employee Spotlight Series is John McLaughlin. Thank you John for sharing information about yourself and also for everything that you do for our company! Name? John McLaughlin Position at PTI?  National Account Executive Primary location you work out of? Olney, IL How long have you been with PTI? I've been with PTI for 3 years and 3 months. What did you do before working at PTI? I worked for a transportation broker. [...]

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14 Useful Trucking Tools, Equipment & Gear


Some Helpful Gear to Keep in Your Truck An example of the gear to keep in your truck. As a Class A CDL truck driver, you need to be prepared for any situation - you never know what’s going to happen on the road! That light bulb that needs changing on a trailer in the middle of the night? You’ll need a flashlight. Can’t get traction in a parking lot in the middle of winter? You’ll need salt to throw down and get going again. When you’re trucking, there’s basically no way to predict what’s to come. To get you started, [...]

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Paper Transport, Inc. Employee Spotlight – Kelly Hansen


Introducing the PTI Employee Spotlight Blog Series PTI Safety Coordinator Kelly Hansen with her family. Welcome to our new blog series: The Paper Transport, Inc. Employee Spotlight! In this series, we’ll be focusing on an employee who supports our truck driving fleet that has now grown to over 900 Class A CDL Truck Drivers! In this week’s post, Kelly Hansen is featured. Thank you Kelly for sharing information about you and for everything you do at PTI to keep our drivers safe. Name? Kelly Hansen Position at PTI? Safety Coordinator Primary location you work out of? De Pere, WI How long [...]

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9 Tips for New Professional Class A CDL Truck Drivers


Some Advice from PTI to Help Drivers in Their New Career A group photo taken after orientation of Class A CDL Truck Drivers new to the PTI team! Starting a new career can be tough, especially if you’re entering into an industry that’s completely new to you. Case in point: starting a new career as a professional Class A CDL Truck Driver. Courtesy of the drivers from the Paper Transport, Inc. fleet, here are 9 tips for new drivers: 1. Ask Questions – When you’re starting out, it’s important to ask questions if you don’t understand something or are unsure about [...]

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