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PTI NEWS: Effective Sunday, September 13: (1) All mileage based pay drivers will receive a $.02/mile increase for company and owner-operator drivers, (2) Detention Pay will increase from $15/hour to $16/hour, and (3) Detention pay will begin after 1 hour of wait time (and not after 2 hours – a major industry-leading change). Learn More

What Drives You?

We know each driver is driven by something unique to them. At PTI, we work with each of our drivers to understand their goals and dreams – and ensure that the PTI family helps their family maintain relationships and live better lives together. Being a professional PTI driver offers flexibility to be home, better pay to provide for your family, more miles for those who love the independence of the road, reliable equipment, a safety-driven culture, and the greatest respect for our drivers.

Whether for family, career, or a better life, at PTI you’re more than just a truck number. You’re part of our team – our family. Let us know: What Drives You? We’ll help you get there.

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