Committed to Building a sustainable fleet

At Paper Transport, Inc. we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by implementing fuel saving technologies and operational practices. By putting our sustainable practices at the core of our business we are able to reduce costs and enhance value by tasking ourselves to conserve resources and function more efficiently year after year.


Innovative fuel sustainability with CNG and RNG

In 2010, we saw the opportunity to become the first trucking company outside of California to reduce our emissions with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), a domestically sourced fuel that burns cleaner than diesel and gasoline.

Running on Compressed Natural Gas has allowed us to decrease costs, reduce our carbon footprint by .3%, run a quieter fleet, and eliminate the reliance on foreign fuel.

Today, Paper Transport continues to diversify our fuel sources by incorporating Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), a natural, cleaner, and more affordable fuel option.

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Better fuel efficiency and reduced costs with driver training and rate optimization

Our drivers play a critical role in the environmental impact and cost of our vehicles. In order to increase efficiency and better control costs we provide our drivers with ongoing training and incentive programs. Real-time fleet telematics allows our team to continually review high and low performing MPG drivers by analyzing driving behaviors such as idle time, brake use, speed, and route selection.

Consistent NACFE emissions performer and SmartWay certified

As a member of NACFE (North America Council for Freight Efficiency) and the holder of SmartWay certification, Paper Transport, Inc. has adopted fuel-saving technologies that have increased the efficiency of our freight, running over 8 miles per gallon on average – well above the national average of 7.27 MPG. Additionally, PTI has deployed specialty equipment to increase payload, resulting in fewer mile runs to deliver the same amount of freight.

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