Safety & Technology

A Culture of Safety:

The adoption of the 4 Cornerstones of Safety

In 2018, our company embraced a four cornerstones safety approach. This approach focuses on four specific things that a driver has personal control over:

  1. I will always use 3 points of contact
  2. I will always keep my cell phone out of reach
  3. I will always wear my seatbelt
  4. I will always inspect my 5th wheel & jaws when coupling

These 4 cornerstones have built the foundation of our safety efforts at PTI, allowing drivers to take ownership of their actions to help prevent the occurrence of safety events. Additionally, they empower our drivers to be safety champions with an obligation to help one another by calling out and correcting unsafe actions or conditions.

Companywide safety commitment

Every person on the PTI team is committed to safety no matter what their role is, whether they’re a driver, on the sales or logistics team, on the support or operations staff, or a part of the marketing or human resources group. We’re all onboard when it comes to making the roads safe. A prime example is our commitment to not distract drivers while they are driving by waiting until they are safely pulled over before we call.

Interactive Orientations

Each week, our safety team on-boards new professional Class A CDL Drivers to the PTI team during in-person orientations. Through interactive training, refresher modules, and a personalized approach, an open environment is created that fosters active participation amongst the participants.

Ongoing communication and training

To continue to connect with our professional drivers after their initial in-person orientation, we conduct and/or offer:

  • Quarterly driver meetings – This allows us to build relationships with our drivers while offering a group forum to discuss both company and industry updates.
  • Online training tutorials – Through the use of open source technology, we have the ability to provide our drivers with ongoing monthly and prescribed training in the form of driving tutorials using a cloud-based training program.
  • Other educational opportunities – Sustained education and offering qualified resources to our driver force is something that we firmly believe in. This is done using a personalized approach through continuous improvement initiatives for individual drivers.

Driver recognition

We award our professional drivers for their hard work in upholding our safety culture:

  • Red Rewards Program: Safety and overall performance result in recognition on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

Technology and tools

Providing innovative technology and tools makes it easier for everyone within the company to achieve a higher level of safety. For example:

  • Electronic logging – We fully support HOS rules and regulations. Electronic logs help to ensure compliance. It’s a standard feature in every truck, providing real time data along with saving time, paperwork, and eliminating potential HOS errors.
  • Collision avoidance systems – Front mounted radar devices are installed on our trucks that help augment driver performance, minimizing the threat of rear-end collisions. We utilize two types of systems: OnGuard™and Wingman®.
  • DriveCam – Created by Lytx®, DriveCam lets us maximize safety, exonerate our drivers, allow for teaching and coaching moments, and help improve overall driving habits.
  • Cloud based training platform – We have an online platform, Luma, that allows to better present ongoing interactive training to our entire fleet.

Regulatory and compliance

At PTI, we’ve understand that rules and regulations are what drive results. By taking a proactive approach to work with the state and federal government agencies, we’ve been able to fully embrace new rules and regulations with minimal impact on our daily operations. When new rules and regulations are announced, we do the following:

  • If there is a foreseeable regulation change, we educate our professional drivers prior to the rule implementation date.
  • We work with each PTI driver to ensure his or her compliance and utilize daily, monthly, and quarterly educational meetings and trainings to provide a venue for group awareness and review.


If you have questions in regards to PTI’s cultural approach to safety, please give us a call at 800-317-3650, or email