Weather-Related Traffic Crashes


Weather-related traffic crashes are the leading cause of death and injury each year on our country’s roadways. This crash type is defined as an accident that occurs in adverse weather, such as rain, snow, sleet, severe crosswinds, fog, and slick pavement. According to the US Department of Transportation, on average over 5,891,000 vehicle crashes occur…

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CEO Ben Schill Announced to Lead


Paper Transport, a leading Wisconsin-based for-hire truckload carrier and provider of brokerage services, today announced CEO Ben Schill to be stepping into place. Schill will succeed Jeff Shefchik, who has served the company as president for 15 years. Shefchik will continue to serve on Paper Transport’s board of directors and transition into an advisory role.…

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Trailer Backing: Techniques and Tight Maneuvers

Many veteran truck drivers have spent thousands of hours behind the wheel honing their trailer backing skills and continue to learn every day. Backing skills that many may take for granted can be a challenge for someone new to the industry and just getting their driving career off the ground. Backing Challenge Last month Driver…

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What Is an Owner Operator?

Owner Operator

An owner-operator is an independent truck driver who runs their own transportation business. This allows the driver the freedom to make more money, control their day-to-day responsibilities, and scale their business the way they want to. Becoming an owner comes with a lot of responsibility, sacrifice, and dedication. All of which can become an extremely…

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Meet the Paper Transport Operations Team


There is no doubt being a professional truck driver is a tough job. It would be even more challenging without the solid Paper Transport Operations Team to support them. That’s why we continuously strive for excellence when maintaining our operations team. To simply put it, we want the best. Intermodal driver, Logan Hernandez, says, “So…

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Choose a Career as a Dedicated Truck Driver

dedicated truck driver

As a truck driver, there are different options for trucking jobs that a driver can choose. This includes routes such as local, regional, dedicated, or even intermodal. Here at Paper Transport, we work with our drivers to ensure that they have a driving position that best suits their needs. One of the driving positions we…

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5 Advantages for Veterans in Trucking

5 reasons veterans (feature image)

Making the transition from military to civilian life can be quite challenging, one needs to find the right job to ensure that transition is as smooth as possible. In a job such as truck driving, skills and characteristics that are learned in the military are regularly used as a driver. Producing an excellent career for…

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Regional Truck Driver: Is it the Right Career for You?

Regional Driver - Blog (Feature Image)

The biggest call out for a Regional Truck Driver vs. Over-the-Road Truck Driver is the home time. Being away from home for weeks at a time can be hard on a driver and their family. Here at Paper Transport, we offer a plethora of trucking positions to fit our driver’s needs, including home time. For…

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2020 KBX Logistics Driver of the Year: Montrell Edwards

driver of the year - Montrell Edwards

The 2020 KBX Logistics Driver of the Year is a national award selected from a pool of 2,800 drivers from 44 different trucking companies. This award is meant to recognize safety, fuel conservation, miles driven, and exceptional service a driver provides. Why Montrell Edwards? Wisconsin-based employer and for-hire truckload carrier Paper Transport is proud to…

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New Driver Story: Caleb Ellison

new driver story

New driver story from Caleb Ellison reminds us we all have to start somewhere! Your first year in a new position is usually the hardest – regardless of the type of job. Use the first year to learn from your mistakes and build upon your knowledge. As a truck driver, the first year is important…

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