Ben Schill Business Person of the Year 2023

CEO of Paper Transport, Ben Schill, was awarded the 2023 Business Person of the Year Award on June 6, 2023 at the Business Recognition Luncheon Awards & Showcase. According to the Greater Green Bay Chamber, the Business Person of the Year Award recognizes a local business leader who has demonstrated achievement in ownership or management of a business, or who has made significant contributions to the business environment in Greater Green Bay.

Ben Schill shared that “as CEO, the most important job I have is to present a clear picture of where we are headed while maintaining and enhancing our purpose to build a great place to work. The most effective way to move the organization forward is to create a culture that all employees believe in. We spend a lot of time on our strategy: where we want to compete and who we want to serve. Ensuring that all 1,200 of our employees are in this vision is the most important aspect. Culture is the soul of the company and having the right individuals on our team that actively live out our culture every day has been the key to our success.”

Ben Schill 2023 Business Person of the Year Award

This award was recognized at the Business Recognition Luncheon Awards & Showcase. The KI Convention Center, 333 Main Street, Green Bay, graciously hosted the event. Alongside the Business Person of the Year Award, Greater Green Bay Chamber awarded the Cornerstone Award, the Entrepreneurial Award, the Growth Award, and the Special Accomplishment Award.

When Schill accepted the award, he remarked, “Our brand is ‘What Drives You?’ For us at work, whether it’s our employees, supporting and connecting them, our customers, or our suppliers, it is about relationships and building our own community as well as being a part of the Greater Green Bay Community.”

CEO Ben Schill and Co-founder Lennie Shefchik
Paper Transport team members attending Business Recognition Luncheon Awards and Showcase 2023
CEO Ben Schill and wife Jen Schill

“When evaluating different options for this business, we believed Green Bay is the community to continue to invest in and grow employment in the long run,” Schill stated. “We are committed to being a community-based employer and we have dedicated our resources to growing our employee base in Green Bay. The expansion opportunities in downtown Green Bay will serve as the employment growth outlet for this company over the next decade as well as encourage the investment of other companies in the area.”

Paper Transport would like to thank the Greater Green Bay Chamber for their continued partnership with Paper Transport.