Advice for Women in Trucking – Bonnie Evans

“We Can Do It!” 

Women’s History Month helps celebrate women and their vital contribution to society. Rosie the Riveter is a famous icon to represent women who helped cover male positions during World War II. Today, women are changing the truck driving industry with their commitment to drive. Out of the 912 drivers employed by Paper Transport (PTI), 38 of them are female. Bonnie Evans is an outstanding driver at PTI. With the changing gender dynamics, PTI kicks off Women’s History Month with Advice for Women in Trucking – Bonnie Evans.

Women In Trucking - Bonnie Evans
Bonnie Evans with her copilot Ruby!

Why Bonnie Loves Her Job

Bonnie Evans entered the trucking industry after wanting a change in her life. She shared, “I wanted to get out of office work and travel. I have been trucking over 20 years and I still love it!”

Evans loves the perks that come with trucking. “I love the independence, always traveling, and seeing what is going on outside,” she stated. “I love to drive. The people are decent, and I have had no problems.”

With being on the road, Evans stated that the schedule is sometimes challenging. “It is hard to be away from home all week,” she continued. “However, I get to be home every week for two days, which helps a lot.” Evans found the best way to face her challenges is to “pace yourself and make sure you have a schedule you can handle. Make changes where they need to be made. Don’t let your job overwork you.”

She continued, “work hard, but don’t exhaust yourself. You are in control and have the power to have the schedule you desire as long as you are honest and a hard worker. You may have to wait until you have been there a while before you get what you want.”

Bonnie’s Advice For Women in Trucking

To inexperienced drivers, Evans advice for women in trucking is “don’t let fear drive your truck. Practice, practice, practice, and don’t let anyone make you feel stupid. Be careful, go slow, and don’t do anything stupid because you are afraid. Always watch your back. However, most truckers are very good people you don’t have to fear, and most people will help you out in a pinch.”

Evans’ advice for people wanting to get into the industry is, “go for it! Investigate your first company and read all the reviews. Make sure the drivers share good things about the company. The first year is tough, so be prepared and have a good time. Be careful and do everything slowly until you get some experience. Have fun!”

Bonnie, thank you for your dedication to trucking, and your passion for driving. Join Bonnie and the team today – visit