Business Award Nomination – Joe Shefchik 

Paper Transport is honored to announce that Joe Shefchik has been nominated for Greater Green Bay’s Business Person of the Year. This business award recognizes “a local business leader who has demonstrated achievement in ownership or management of a small business, or who has made significant contributions to the small business environment in the Greater Green Bay area.” 

Joe Shefchik humbly shared that with the size of the Paper Transport organization, this business award nomination cannot be an individual accomplishment as “nothing happens without many people involved – certainly, nothing big. I do not think in an organization the size of Paper Transport can have a businessperson of the year. Business of the Year makes more sense.” 

Business Award Nominee Joe Shefchik

Working With the Paper Transport Team

In the fall of 2006, Shefchik started as an Operations Manager at Paper Transport. In summer of 2010, he was named Director of Business Development. Within 2 summers, Shefchik was appointed Vice President of Business Development. His leadership skills and dedication to the team at Paper Transport are reflected in his work.  

Furthermore, his 15 years of working at Paper Transport Shefchik has brought new insight and innovation. “I think I’ve pushed our team, our customers, and our vendors to imagine what can be accomplished. By focusing on what is possible, it is good business for everyone involved,” Shefchik shared. “My hope is Paper Transport does work for their employees and customers to sincerely make the lives of those people richer, better, more incredible.” 

Big Crazy Ideas Are Opportunities

Ben Schill, CEO of Paper Transport, highlights Shefchik’s unconventional approach to business has made Shefchik and Paper Transport extremely successful. Schill continued, “his ability to turn big crazy ideas of how we can solve customer problems into reality has been a key to our growth. Though, what I respect even more than Joe’s success in building Paper Transport, is his drive to make Green Bay and the surrounding communities better. This is evident through dedicating his time and resources toward community projects as well as improving lives by being a foster parent. We are lucky and proud to have Joe in our company and our community.”  

Paper Transport De Pere, WI

Cultivating the transportation industry is not the only skill of Joe Shefchik. In addition, as a foster parent, brewer, beekeeper, and fruit grower, Shefchik’s passions involve patience and perseverance, much like the trucking industry. “If you look across industries and most businesses, they reach a level of success that creates comfort for the people involved. It is odd and impressive when businesses continue to challenge all their stakeholders to be and do more. The people and customers of Paper Transport have always asked for more and that is why we continue to outperform.”  

Greater Green Bay Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Green Bay Chamber awarded Paper Transport the 2018 Growth Award, highlighting our local roots and expansion. Moreover, CEO of Paper Transport Ben Schill was featured by the Chamber in promotion of Green Bay’s focus on forward-thinking, thus making it a great home for Paper Transport.  

Thank you, Greater Green Bay Chamber, for recognizing our company and leadership team.  

Congratulations on your business award nomination, Joe Shefchik.  

Joe Shefchik’s Thoughts on His Nomination

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