Our Commitment to Safety

Why does safety matter and what exactly is Paper Transports commitment to safety? The answer to this question is different for every person. Every person matters, and what matters to you is important and the only way to value both of those things in the most appropriate way and to the highest level is to live with a safety-first mentality. Make a personal commitment to safety a value of yours. While priorities change and shift, values are a part of who you are, who you will always be, and who you aspire to be.

Completing any task safely is logically the best way to complete any task. It ensures it gets done, that you can benefit from it, that someone else can benefit from it and that you can complete more future tasks. All too often people get too focused on their immediate and short-term needs. When you make safety part of who you are you start thinking about the best short-term solution but also preparing and protecting for the long term.

Our Commitment to Safety:

Here at PTI safety is one of our two core values and we only have two. We challenge and require every employee to make a personal commitment to safety. It’s in every aspect of our business: operations, maintenance, customer service, etc. Not only is it a part of everything, if we fail in safety it impacts first and foremost people, then further down the line our business and eventually our customers. That’s why we measure and apply almost every tool we can when it comes to safety. Whether that’s the measurement through our driver scorecard, how we spec our trucks and equipment, or what technology we use to coach and improve our performance.

Four Cornerstones of Our Commitment to Safety:

Understandably sometimes the safe focus or decision isn’t the popular decision. But, to build a great place to work we must put the most basic needs of humanity first; and if we don’t put safety first that wouldn’t be the case. That’s why here at PTI we are vigilant about eliminating distractions and about driving at appropriate speeds. No matter what way you slice it-distractions and speed cause more injuries and deaths on our roadways than any other factors. Those are basic and simple facts.

Therefore, the basics of safety are simple and here at PTI have four cornerstones of safety: proper coupling, three points of contact, seat belts, and being cell phone free; but outside of that speed and space matter dearly as well and you can never forget to GOAL (get out and look). Safety isn’t difficult to commit to some of the time, but it takes a true professional to commit to it all of the time.

PTI Cornerstones of Safety Logo

Some Final Words

In conclusion, our two core values go so well together-hand in hand. You really can’t have one without the other, because when you live life for what drives you, the best route will always be the safe route.