Tips for Halloween Safety: Trick or Treating and Driving

Halloween is one of the deadliest days of the year for pedestrians with a 43% higher fatality rate based on a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association.  With daylight getting shorter as we move into the fall months and the increase in pedestrian traffic, especially children on Halloween night– it’s crucial to be extra careful to avoid tragedy. Here are a few tips for Halloween safety to avoid an accident:

Avoid Distractions

Don’t get too comfortable behind the wheel, it only takes a split second of not keeping your eyes on the road to make all the difference. Avoid all distractions that will divert your attention from the road.

Keep an eye out for pedestrians

Remain watchful and vigilant for trick-or-treaters who may dart out across the road or between parked cars. Stay alert and be aware of other drivers on the road – you never know who could be driving next to you, don’t take the chance.

Avoid certain areas if at all possible

Avoid areas where Halloween festivities may be taking place such as small streets and neighborhoods. If you need to go through these areas take extra caution to drive slowly.

Although Halloween is filled with excitement and celebration, it’s important to always be safe and watch your surroundings. By following these simple tips for Halloween safety you could avoid a huge accident that could impact you and all those involved for many years to come. Stay safe this Halloween and have a spooky good night!

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