Paper Transport Internship Story: Jonah Ravan

Jonah Ravan began his Paper Transport internship as a Operations and Leadership intern. “My internship was a great experience. The team I worked with was great about helping me manage my school/work life balance. I was welcomed with open arms and was able to learn a lot about multiple roles in the company.”

Jonah’s daily tasks would include anything that would help make the Operations team run smoothly. “This could be anything from assisting with load issues, helping manage paperwork, or covering a desk while a manager was away,” Jonah shared. The best advice Jonah would share with an incoming intern would be to “be receptive of the feedback your leaders are giving you. Not only do they want the team to succeed, but they also want you specifically to grow as well.”

Jonah Ravan Operations intern

Paper Transport prides itself on having a great work culture, and Jonah felt that throughout his internship. “I think the culture is one of the best-selling points of Paper Transport. I truly feel like my leaders care about my personal and professional well-being. My team is always willing to step in and work with each other on issues. We start and end our day as a team!”

With continuous help and learning, Jonah’s internship was coming to a close. “After I graduated from UW-Green Bay, I moved into a Driver Manager role at Paper Transport. It is going great! I work with an awesome team and am lucky to have found a place like this so early into my career.” With Jonah’s transition from an internship to a full-time position, he found some challenges to overcome.

“There are always growing pains transitioning from an internship role to full-time role with full-time responsibilities,” Jonah shared. “Luckily, my leaders were patient with me and guided me through the additional responsibilities. In addition, my mentors as an intern are still my mentor’s post-internship. Each of them has put a great amount time and effort into helping guide me in the right direction to help grow my career here at Paper Transport. I’m lucky enough to have them as leaders now who constantly look out for myself and the rest of the Operations team.”

Jonah would recommend a Paper Transport internship to anyone with a drive for change and challenges.

“It’s a great way to start working yourself into the professional setting. Even if transportation is not the industry where you pictured yourself going, Paper Transport is a place that will help develop you into a great professional version of yourself. Transportation can be a challenging industry to learn, but it can be fulfilling and secure. If you are looking for a way to challenge yourself and pursue growth, I would recommend giving Paper Transport a chance.”

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