Meet the Paper Transport Operations Team

There is no doubt being a professional truck driver is a tough job. It would be even more challenging without the solid Paper Transport Operations Team to support them. That’s why we continuously strive for excellence when maintaining our operations team. To simply put it, we want the best.

Intermodal driver, Logan Hernandez, says, “So far this company is exactly what I have been looking for. These people treat you right, they will remember your name and even what load you are under. Very helpful and respectful, the list goes on lol. If anyone is looking into this company, I can tell you don’t hesitate to contact them. Thanks to PTI I now get to enjoy the best of both worlds, I drive a truck and get to see my family often, you can’t ask for much more than that.”

Building Long-Lasting Relationships

For Paper Transport it really is about respecting the driver and their role at this company. Our operations team keeps that in mind when building those relationships. You can see the evidence of that in the way former driver, Dave R. says, “The fact remains in the truck driving industry – there is no one … NO ONE … that treats their drivers better with respect and courtesy. From training right up to the front office, if you want stable and consistent and to be something other than ‘just a driver’ this is the place to work.”

There is something to be said about how our drivers talk about their teams. “Thank you for making it easy to do my job and be available to me when I do need help over the road. These guys make it happen. Without my great DM team, I wouldn’t be able to do my job as smoothly as possible!” said Dedicated Driver, Jonathan Pence.

Feel Confident That We Always Have Your Back

When a driver calls or messages into our team – we want them to feel confident we have the right people in those seats working diligently to support them out on the road. There are so many stressors out there and having a confident, trusted partner at your fingertips is essential to driver success. We understand that breakdowns, accidents, traffic, weather, and life happen – so we make sure to have our team prepared and as proactive as possible.  We feel we really have set ourselves apart as a driver-facing company.

Don’t take it from us, listen to our drivers. Regional driver, Skylar Lewis says, “I think we should have a fleet manager/ dispatcher appreciation day to show our thanks for everything they do. They are pretty much the face of the company when we have a problem or need something done. When we are having a bad day, or they tell us company policy updates and keep us together. They work hard to make as many drivers as possible happy while making the company Happy at the same time. My driver manager is awesome at making my time here at PTI the best while still being able to do my job for the company. I truly appreciate her and everyone else, planners included, for everything you all do and deal with on a regular basis. Thank you”

Truck Driving Opportunities

Ready to join the Paper Transport team? We offer local, dedicated, regional, and over-the-road positions throughout the Midwest and Southeast. Learn more about what Paper Transport can offer professional truck drivers and search for current openings.

Join Paper Transport Operations Team

To our team, we appreciate all of the hard work and dedication you put into making PTI a wonderful company and a great place to work. We’re committed to helping professionals get the most out of their career. If you are looking for a rewarding career, learn more about joining the Paper Transport office team and browse available jobs here.