Paper Transport Joins Blockchain in Transportation Alliance

DEPERE, WI – Blockchain in Transportation Alliance has accepted Paper Transport as a member. Blockchain works to guarantee accuracy and integrity of globally shared databases that are maintained by its users. Paper Transport chose BiTA because of the alliance’s commitment to building a standard communication framework for the next generation of logistics providers.

Transportation has been communicating on a standard that was drafted in the 1970’s. Technological innovations, consumer expectations, and government regulation have created new pressures to which the industry must learn to adapt. Current communication channels are built with specialized programmers or costly third party intermediaries. Workflows have been created outside of the standard pathways to facilitate customer specific payment processes. Yard checks, RFPs, bids, lane definition, and location information are all maintained in database silos. Successful logistics requires timely, accurate information accessible to every party involved. Automation and seamless communication standards are essential for the industry to remain relevant. Blockchain will provide significant efficiencies for all members of the supply chain.

BiTA provides an opportunity for the industry to collaborate and evolve the way the industry communicates. The low margin nature of the industry demands communication flows to be de-centralized and non-monetized. The onus of data ownership will be placed on each member contributing to the Blockchain. Each carrier will benefit and contribute to the Blockchain as it will be the only way to conduct business.

“Paper Transport welcomes these challenges and is excited to join BiTA in their effort to democratize the data that drives our industry,” said Peter Covach, Director of IT at Paper Transport, Inc. “Our business is fueled with metrics, contracts, portals, and endless sources of inconsistent data all of which can benefit from Blockchain technology.”

Learn more about Paper Transport here.

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