Paper Transport Launches Accelerate CDL A Training Program

Accelerate Your CDL A Driving Career with our newest training program

Sean Bordeaux instructs the candidate on backing up at the new Paper Transport Training Course while Driver Trainer Jeff Clark and Driver Orientation Manager Steve Wolf look on.

Paper Transport, Inc.’s new Accelerate program is designed for individuals who have recently attained or are in the process of achieving their Class A Commercial Driver’s License from a truck driving school program. Accelerate will assist new CDL A holders in a smooth transition from one career to another or if recently unemployed.

“Most of PTI’s driving jobs will no longer require prior tractor-trailer experience, meaning there is a wide variety of regional and local jobs to choose from,” stated Recruiting Operations Manager Mike Ruminski. Paper Transport’s new Accelerate program offering is a redesigned finishing training program: a 5-day orientation of in-truck and classroom instruction in Green Bay, WI followed by two weeks of over-the-road training with a Paper Transport Trainer. “PTI’s training program is not a “cookie-cutter” approach,” continued Ruminski. “We understand that not everyone learns in the same manner or timeframe. If someone needs a little more attention, they’ll get it.”

Developing skills for a new career is already challenging enough. To assist with the financial side, Paper Transport’s program will pay new regional drivers $750 per week while they are receiving training (3 weeks); pay for new hourly drivers will start at the same starting rate as experienced drivers. After that, Paper Transport is increasing our already industry-leading entry-level driver pay and gets them to experienced driver starting pay in at most six months.

Meet the Training Team

Paper Transport’s commitment to the truck driving industry is safety, which is demonstrated by their newly developed Accelerate program to help address the driver shortage. Paper Transport has invested in hiring two driver training experts to develop a driver training program for entry-level drivers that may be new to the truck driving industry.

Onboarding and Safety Manager John Mueller and CDL Instructor Sean Bordeaux

John Mueller, Onboarding and Safety Manager

For over 20 years, John Mueller has demonstrated exceptional leadership and communications as an effective driver training engineer. Most recently as an instructor at Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC), Mueller provided instruction to students. In addition, he provides specialized training through partnership programs with companies in the Wisconsin market, including Paper Transport, Inc.

“The number one focus is driver safety and providing a training experience in which the individual will receive specific training in the classroom and real-life experience behind the wheel to prepare them for the industry,” stated Mueller. “The program is designed to be one week in length at the Corporate facility where the training will focus on getting the new hire prepared to spend two weeks with an over the road Driver Trainer. Upon completion of the training, the candidate will complete a final road evaluation to demonstrate that they are proficient and ready to hit the road.”

Sean Bordeaux, CDL Instructor

Sean Bordeaux is a hard-working, professional, commercial class A driver. He has an acute attention to detail and values safety as a cornerstone. Driving since 2003, Sean Bordeaux joined Paper Transport’s dedicated driver division in November 2018 and later became a Driver Trainer. In November of this year, Bordeaux transitioned into his new role as CDL Instructor on the Safety Team. “We are excited to welcome him into the office! This is a position where he can share his knowledge with our new student drivers,” stated Office Recruiter Lynsey Muellenbach.

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Learn how to Accelerate Your CDL A Career with Paper Transport’s new training program for new and inexperienced Class A CDL holders.