Paper Transport Orientation for Experienced Drivers

What does Paper Transport, Inc.’s Driver Orientation Look Like?

Steve Wolf, a 22-year Driver Veteran and Paper Transport, Inc. Orientation Manager, takes us through Paper Transport, Inc.’s Driver Orientations for experienced drivers in the Behind the Scenes video below:

Learn More About The Orientation Process For Experienced Drivers

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in March, Paper Transport, Inc. (PTI) was able to quickly adapt its advanced tablet technology to new driver orientations, shortening the training period from an in-person 3-day orientation to a 1.5-day orientation for experienced drivers.

The new Experienced Driver Orientation process is fully interactive and prepares new drivers to step in and get the job done. New drivers will:

  • Review Paper Transport, Inc. History and Values
  • Learn HR and Safety policies
  • Practice with ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices)
  • Meet with Driver Manager and Team
  • Meet with Maintenance Team and get your truck

Frequently Asked Orientation Questions

What makes an experienced driver?

Drivers who have 6 or more months of recent tractor-trailer experience with a Class A Commercial Drivers License qualify for our Experienced Driver Orientation. For candidates with less than 6 months of recent tractor-trailer experience or who have been out of the truck for an extended period of time, they may qualify for our Accelerate Training program.

Is Orientation Paid?

Yes! Drivers receive an “Orientation Bonus” on their first paycheck after they’ve pulled their first load, drivers will receive $250-$500 in-home daily positions or $500 in regional non-home daily positions.

What’s covered?

For those who live close to an orientation site, you can use your own car and stay at home during the orientation period if you prefer. We’ll reimburse you for the gas. If you don’t live close to a PTI site, we will arrange for your travel to and from the orientation as necessary. Typically, this is by rental car, but we look at what is most convenient for you. We’ll set you up with a hotel room as well, where breakfast is included, and provide lunch during the full day you are in the classroom. If you are not assigned a truck right from the orientation location, you’ll be able to take the rental car home and get ready for your first load-out.

Have another question about our Orientation process?

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