PTI launches new program: Train the Trainer

Green Bay, WI – community business leader, Paper Transport, Inc. (PTI) is proud to announce the first graduating class of their newly implemented program, “Train the Trainer”.  The first group of four Trainers completed the program on February 25, 2013.

The “Train the Trainer” program is designed to coach and mentor drivers, new to Paper Transport Inc, and provide the skills and knowledge necessary for success on the job, while reinforcing a safe and successful environment for all team members.


“The Safety and Operations group, here (PTI), acknowledges that for overall success and support of our driver force, specific training by certified mentors, is an integral part of our on-boarding process.  PTI has started this program to ensure the best possible chance of success for those new to PTI, regardless of their experience.  As an example, all driver associates new to PTI in our local operation will go through the 3-5 day training curriculum after orientation. Our trainers have a wealth of experience and advice to offer the new PTI drivers, that will guide them through the policies and procedures they will need to execute on a daily basis”, stated David Gundt, Safety and Driver Development Manager.


Although Paper Transport currently requires a minimum of 18 months of Class A CDL experience, this program helps position the organization to evaluate candidates that recently graduated from an accredited and certified truck driver training school.  In addition, this program also encourages the participation of qualified military personnel to apply upon their separation from service.