Truck Driver Pushup Challenge

The Paper Transport Team Pushups Their Fitness

Introduced on April 4th, the “Truck Driver Pushup Challenge” asked truck drivers and office employees to push up their fitness. Why? By performing 10 pushups recorded on video, the challenge promotes a healthy lifestyle and well-being. According to the CDC, drivers are more likely to develop obesity and high blood pressure due to low physical activity. Paper Transport continued publishing videos and nominating co-workers and managers through April 30th.  

Hear From the VP of Safety & Recruiting

VP of Safety and Recruiting Keith Stelzer kicked off the Truck Driver Pushup Challenge over a company-wide meeting. Stelzer explained that the challenge helps us come together to start a conversation on health and wellness. “Fitness is very important. Specifically for professional drivers or individuals who may be sedentary for most of their working hours – myself included,” Stelzer stated. “Starting small or just doing something to get our blood flowing is a great start. Hopefully, the pushup challenge instilled that in some of us.”

Hear From the CEO

“It was great to have a mix of our professional drivers and our office employees challenging each other,” CEO Ben Schill observed. “There is no doubt that physical fitness plays into your mood, energy level, and motivation. Making yourself better always comes down to a personal commitment. That means protecting the safety of you and your family while driving as well as focusing on your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. If you are taking the steps to take care of yourself, you are likely taking the steps to take care of others while on the road,” Schill added.  

Hear From PTI’s Well-Being Partner

Jesse Stukenberg, Paper Transport’s Well-Being Partner, shared that working on our physical fitness, we helps mental cognition as well. “Physical fitness will help improve focus with increased blood flow to the brain.” She elaborated that those drivers have an extra challenge due to their occupation and the hours spent sitting. “Drivers need to have a strong mental focus and determination to be committed to their fitness routine while on the road. Being physically fit will help drivers be safer, live longer, and enjoy life even more,” Stukenberg stated.  

43 employees participated in the Truck Driver Pushup Challenge performing a total of over 430 pushups. Thank you to those who were willing to push up your fitness! 

To watch a recap of those who participated, check out the video on our YouTube channel below!   

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