Red Rewards: It Pays to Uphold Our Safety Culture

In support of Paper Transport’s mission, the Red Rewards Program provides driver recognition and acknowledgment. Drivers can earn rewards based on established metrics that encourage a performance-based environment, with enhanced driver engagement. Therefore, drivers are recognized at our quarterly safety meetings and are given monetary rewards based on the overall score of their Driver Scorecard.

Red Rewards Program Bonus Opportunities


Our Red Rewards/Scorecard program pays out on average over $11,900 per month. In March 2021, we paid out over $17,000 in bonuses to our drivers. We payout 33-37% of our drivers that qualify each month. “This is one of my favorite things we do as a company. As someone that loves competition, this allows our drivers to compete with each other to earn substantial bonuses each month while also creating a great coaching tool” stated Operations Manager, Cory Helmle.  Operationally we use the scorecard to help coach our drivers when we see safety issues arise, or just an opportunity to help someone earn a bonus.

What Does the Scorecard Measure?

The scorecard measures: Safety, Production, Equipment, and Administration. Safety has 7 components such as Accidents, Citations, Hours of Service, Sudden Brakes, Speed Gauge, Motorist Complaint, and Handheld Device. Production is broken down into 3 components: Availability, Out of Route, and Service Success. Equipment has 3 components: MPG, IDLE Percent, and Maintenance. The administration is made of 2 components: Paperwork Scanning and ELearning.  The scorecard measures all of these things on a monthly basis taking into consideration schedule/truck/etc and then gives a score. Drivers can earn $150 to $10 per month depending on where they rank each month.

The main areas we look at as an operations team are Safety and MPG. First and foremost we want to make sure our teammates are operating safely and efficiently. Getting home safe and making as much money while doing it is our goal for our drivers. Drivers that earn full MPG bonuses and Red Rewards can earn upwards of $350 per month.

In Conclusion:

The Red Rewards Program is an additional benefit for our drivers and rewards safe driving behaviors. It is our goal as a company to keep not only our employees safe but the community as well. This program has proven to keep drivers more engaged and decrease the number of accidents on the roads.

Learn about our Commitment to Safety here.