Driver Spotlight: Sandy Loew “One of the Best”

Sandy Loew: One of the Best

Sandy Loew: One of the Best

Sandy Loew with her PTI Truck
Sandy Loew with Lennie Shefchik, PTI co-founder

Meet Sandy Loew from Florida. She is an avid reader and huge NASCAR fan. Sandy came to PTI from a company whose owner was good friends with PTI co-founder Lennie Shefchik. When Sandy informed her previous employer that she wanted better home time, so she could spend time with family and her grandchildren, and the ability to work closer to home in Florida, her employer was torn. Knowing she was a key member of his fleet, but deserved what she wanted, he recommended Sandy to PTI and told Lennie, “I’m sending you one of my best drivers. Take care of her.” Lennie personally hired her and we’ve been immensely proud to have her on our team.

Approaching nearly 9 years with PTI, Sandy takes great pride in her equipment and likely keeps the cleanest truck in the fleet. It is that same attention to detail that she has maintained a great safety record and top performance results. While she may not be your stereotypical professional driver in appearance and attitude, Sandy is not the kind of person who sits in a rocking chair – she has a great passion for the road and a contagious positive attitude that makes her a pleasure to work with.

In the words of North Jacksonville Driver Manager Brenda Peterson:

“She may be short, but she’s dependable and loyal. Sandy Loew is easily one of our best drivers.”

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