Paper Transport Success Story: Brokerage

Paper Transport’s brokerage team continues to see immense growth and success within the transportation industry since 2020. Paul Scheffel, Carrier Sales Lead at Paper Transport shares below what has helped create such success!

Success for the brokerage team relies highly on our team’s ability to understand current market conditions. These markets are affected by a vast variety of outliers such as weather, seasonality, pandemic, driver shortages, and many others. As a young brokerage team, setting a solid foundation of associates that understand these critical areas is crucial. It is because of the hard work of our leaders who have assembled a dynamic team that has allowed us to see healthy growth month over month since our early days beginning in mid-2020.

Paul Scheffel - Paper Transport brokerage

These employees and the amazing additions we have added and will continue to add are the backbones of the success of our team. Each and every day we work together to effectively complete any tasks put in front of us. The best part about transportation brokerage is that no day nor load is the same. We show up, put our gloves on and get to work. The definition of a team is truly mirrored within this group of highly skilled, motivated individuals. Success is not given it is earned. This team has earned all the success it has been credited with thus far through many painstaking days. 

Coming off a pandemic, rising inflation, and rising gas prices have brought many challenges to the freight market that we have never seen before. Paper Transport Brokerage has strategically placed itself into a position where we are strong, knowledgeable, and have the ability for immense growth. We work with our customers and carriers to grow trustworthy relationships. This allows us to continue to succeed into the next chapter of our story. In the words of our Brokerage Director Nick Skeen: “Giddy Up.” 

Brokerage: Individual Success

Paper Transport’s leaders will say their people are what makes them so successful. MacKenzie Gibson, Brokerage Account Manager, shares how she personally has found success at Paper Transport.

A personal success for myself has been finding a company that was the right fit for me as well as a position I really enjoy. Paper Transport offers a great work-life balance and backs up what they say. I love that they genuinely care about their employees and reach out for feedback from us.

One thing that helps with our success from an account management standpoint is the ability to collaborate with our sales team. When they have a customer with a high level of opportunity, we’re trusted throughout the process which really allows us to explore and uncover the full potential of the account. While working in brokerage at Paper Transport I’ve noticed that everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand when a teammate is in need to further the success of the company.

Personally, something that helps me maintain success is not being content no matter what I’ve accomplished throughout the day and having the drive to want more. I think it’s also important to be a student. I believe you can always make yourself more knowledgeable. Even if you think you are an expert already and learn from others. I’ve been fortunate to be able to grow some accounts and be a part of this success story. 

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