Top Truck Driving Myths


Considering the highs and lows of becoming a commercial truck driver?! Let’s debunk some truck driving myths about whether trucking is even a good career option, trucking schools, and more to help you navigate your choices. Check out these 8 Truck Driving Myths:  Myth 1: Trucking isn’t for me.  Stereotypes still thrive in bygone media representations of truck drivers as middle-aged men. For example,…

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New Driver Story: Caleb Ellison

new driver story

New driver story from Caleb Ellison reminds us we all have to start somewhere! Your first year in a new position is usually the hardest – regardless of the type of job. Use the first year to learn from your mistakes and build upon your knowledge. As a truck driver, the first year is important…

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Company Sponsored Class A CDL Training Program Coming Soon

Sponsor CDL Blog

This July, Paper Transport, Inc. will begin offering a Sponsored CDL Training Program for would-be professional Class A CDL truck drivers in the following states: WI, MN, MI, MO, OH, IL, and IN. With this new program, Paper Transport will sponsor the tuition cost for a 3-week course at Fox Valley Technical College, contingent on…

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Refresher Course: Ready to Get Back Into Trucking?


Choosing the Right Class A CDL Carrier As you make your move back into trucking, ensure you are looking for a long-term partner for an employer. We’ve seen so many individuals bounce from place to place struggling to find his or her home and even ending up on the outside of the transportation industry once…

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Paper Transport Launches Accelerate CDL A Training Program


Accelerate Your CDL A Driving Career with our newest training program Paper Transport, Inc.’s new Accelerate program is designed for individuals who have recently attained or are in the process of achieving their Class A Commercial Driver’s License from a truck driving school program. Accelerate will assist new CDL A holders in a smooth transition…

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What to Look for in a Post-Graduate CDL Finishing Program


It can be difficult to see through the smokescreen of sign-on bonuses and more to find a good CDL Finishing Program for on-the-job training. Use this as a guide to help steer toward the best Finishing Program and carrier for you. Are you qualified for a post-graduate CDL finishing program? Candidates are eligible for Class…

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What to Ask When Deciding on a CDL Truck Driving School


Picking a CDL Truck Driving School is a big decision. It is normal to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information on your journey to become a professional Class A Truck Driver. Do not be discouraged. There is an abundance of resources available to help point you in the right direction. Questions to ask when…

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9 Tips for New Class A CDL Truck Drivers

Group Photo of New Class A CDL PTI Drivers

Some Advice from PTI to Help Drivers in Their New Career Starting a new career can be tough, especially if you’re entering into an industry that’s completely new to you. Case in point: starting a new career as a professional Class A CDL Truck Driver. Courtesy of the drivers from the Paper Transport fleet. 9…

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How to Spot a Good Trucking Company

Brand New Trucks Parked at PTI Headquarters in De Pere, WI

Some Hints About How to Find a Good Trucking Company As a professional Class A CDL truck driver, you have no shortage of options. With more than 500,000 trucking companies in the U.S., it can be overwhelming to find the right fit for you. There are small, family owned businesses to large, publicly traded companies…

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