From Driver to Driver Trainer – Jason Waldroup

Jason Waldroup’s years as a Driver Trainer have been enriching and informative. Truck driving for 25 years, Waldroup is an experienced driver trainer and mentor, and hopes other drivers are up for the challenge. About Jason Born and raised in California, Waldroup’s dad was a truck driver, so trucking is in his blood. He remembers…

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Road Rage Affects Drivers 

Unfortunately, whether you drive 2 wheels or 18 wheels, anyone can experience how road rage affects drivers. Being a victim of road rage can be scary and even cause a crash. Below are some common characteristics of road rage. More so, Paper Transports’ Safety Manager Josh Seymour’s tips on how to protect yourself from angry…

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Preventable Traffic Accidents in Any Condition

Preventable Traffic Accidents

What are preventable traffic accidents? The National Safety Council interprets a preventable accident as “an accident in which the driver failed to do everything the driver reasonably could have done to prevent it.”  Paper Transport has some safety tips to prevent traffic accidents whether you drive in an 18-wheel vehicle or a four-wheel automobile.   3…

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CVSA Road Check 2022: Wheel Ends

CVSA Roadcheck 2022

DOT Wheel Ends Check May 17-19 How familiar are you with the term wheel ends and their function? If this is a new topic for you let’s summarize it quickly in time for the CVSA Road Check 2022. Wheel ends function as a system that includes the spindle, hub, wheel, and the bearings and fasteners.…

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Weather-Related Traffic Crashes


Weather-related traffic crashes are the leading cause of death and injury each year on our country’s roadways. This crash type is defined as an accident that occurs in adverse weather, such as rain, snow, sleet, severe crosswinds, fog, and slick pavement. According to the US Department of Transportation, on average over 5,891,000 vehicle crashes occur…

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Trailer Backing: Techniques and Tight Maneuvers

Many veteran truck drivers have spent thousands of hours behind the wheel honing their trailer backing skills and continue to learn every day. Backing skills that many may take for granted can be a challenge for someone new to the industry and just getting their driving career off the ground. Backing Challenge Last month Driver…

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Emergency Triangle Placement

emergency triangles

You’ve just been involved in an accident or your truck has broken down. Stopping on a highway or roadside can be dangerous, especially if the road is winding, in a poorly lit area, or has poor visibility due to weather conditions. What do you do to keep yourself and others safe after an incident has…

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Truck Stop: A Trucker’s Guide to Safety

truck stop safety

For many truck drivers, truck stops provide drivers with the opportunity to get some rest, eat, take a shower, refuel, and stretch their legs. However, truck stops can be dangerous for both the driver and their trucks. By preparing yourself with truck stop safety knowledge you can decrease your chances of running into a bad…

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