It’s National Give Something Away Day

National Give Something Away Day - Paper Transport

From July 1st through July 15th, Paper Transport gives back to the community by hosting a book drive where all proceeds will be donated to the Brown County Library. This drive was inspired by National Give Something Away Day, which is on July 15th.  Paper Transport employees, families, and community members sought to collect books…

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Trailer Tandems, Bridge Laws, CAT Scales, Oh My!

Drivers must deal with sliding tandem axels for weight adjustments. On a trailer, tandem axels are moved forward or backwards depending on the legalities of the weight distribution. The law that refer to what is a “legal weight distribution” are Bridge Laws.   State Bridge Laws If a driver is passing through multiple states, you must…

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Top Truck Driving Myths


Considering the highs and lows of becoming a commercial truck driver?! Let’s debunk some truck driving myths about whether trucking is even a good career option, trucking schools, and more to help you navigate your choices. Check out these 8 Truck Driving Myths:  Myth 1: Trucking isn’t for me.  Stereotypes still thrive in bygone media representations of truck drivers as middle-aged men. For example,…

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Truck Stop: A Trucker’s Guide to Safety

truck stop safety

For many truck drivers, truck stops provide drivers with the opportunity to get some rest, eat, take a shower, refuel, and stretch their legs. However, truck stops can be dangerous for both the driver and their trucks. By preparing yourself with truck stop safety knowledge you can decrease your chances of running into a bad…

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Meet the Paper Transport Operations Team


There is no doubt being a professional truck driver is a tough job. It would be even more challenging without the solid Paper Transport Operations Team to support them. That’s why we continuously strive for excellence when maintaining our operations team. To simply put it, we want the best. Intermodal driver, Logan Hernandez, says, “So…

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National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2021

new driver story

September 12th through the 18th is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Each year Americans across the nation pay respect and thank truck drivers for all of their hard work. According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), there are roughly 3.5 million truck drivers. These professionals put in the hard work to deliver loads safely and…

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Choose a Career as a Dedicated Truck Driver

dedicated truck driver

As a truck driver, there are different options for trucking jobs that a driver can choose. This includes routes such as local, regional, dedicated, or even intermodal. Here at Paper Transport, we work with our drivers to ensure that they have a driving position that best suits their needs. One of the driving positions we…

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10 Reasons you Should Become a Truck Driver

10 reasons (feature image)

Currently, there is an increasing shortage of truck drivers across the nation! Truck driving can be an exciting job opportunity for anybody who likes to be independent, determined, adventurous, and self-motivated. If you haven’t been convinced yet here are 10 reasons you should become a truck driver! 10 Reasons you Should Become a Truck Driver…

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Commit to being a healthier truck driver in 2020

Healthy Eating Option from PTI Driver

Now is the perfect time to commit to becoming a healthier Class A CDL Truck Driver. Don’t think you can do it? Think again because you’re stronger than you realize! All you have to do is develop some healthy habits and  stick to them! Before Hitting the Road: Skip the truck stop & fast food…

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