The Benefits of Traveling the Road with a Pet

Traveling with a Pet is a Plus for Class A CDL Drivers

PTI Driver Bonnie Evans and her pooch Ruby.
PTI dedicated company driver Bonnie Evans and her pooch Ruby.

Life can get pretty lonely on the open road for Class A CDL Truck Drivers. They’re by themselves, away from home, not close to family, and are typically visiting places that can be completely unfamiliar to them. To combat the loneliness, more and more truckers are inviting pets to go along with them for the ride.

“I love having my dog with me in the truck! She is always glad to see me, she is great company, and good protection when we go outside and walk,” shared current Paper Transport, Inc. dedicated company driver Bonnie Evans.

It’s not just dogs who are making the trip. Cats, snakes, and other creatures are getting in the cab with their owners. Why? Because battling loneliness is just one of the many benefits of traveling with a pet. What are the others you ask? Well, here’s a list compiled with the help of Bonnie and a few other drivers PTI:

PTI driver Heather Taylor and her pup Kandee.
PTI dedicated company driver Heather Taylor and her pup Kandee.
  • Exercise – Most pets, particularly dogs, need to be walked to stretch their legs, get some fresh air, and use the bathroom. This gives drivers a reason to do the same and get in some exercise themselves.
  • Safety and Security – A four legged friend can help keep you safe, as pointed out by PTI dedicated company driver Heather Taylor. “I was asked one day at a truck stop how a little dog was supposed to protect me. I told the driver her job was not to protect me, but to alert me to possible danger so that I could protect me.”
  • Improved Mental Health – Having a pet around can help people calm down and relax, which can reduce stress and improve their mental health. For example, consider service dogs that have a soothing, calming effect on their owners.
  • Reducing Fatigue – Yes, believe it or not pets, can help reduce fatigue. How so? Well, this ties into how they help their owners get exercise. It’s due to the fact that pets need bathroom breaks, so, that means their owners will need to take more breaks. That leads to more time out of the truck and more breaks from having to stay focused for long periods of time on the road.
  • Social Connections – A pet makes it easier to connect socially with others because it’s a great conversation starter. If you’re shy and still want to have some human interaction, a pet may bring out the curiosity of others, leading to some great conversations and interactions.

At Paper Transport, Inc., we recognize the benefits of drivers bringing a pet along with them. However, we still put safety first and that’s why we have a pet-policy in place to keep everyone protected. This policy states that, “Non-daily drivers may bring up to two pets at a time with them on the road. To ensure their safety, pets must be restrained or kenneled while the truck is moving.”

If you’re a Class A CDL Driver who has a pet and is interested in driving for PTI, please call our recruiting team at 1-855-784-5627 or email them at We’d love to have you and your companion on our team with Bonnie and, Jenny and Kandee, and all the other drivers and their pets at PTI.

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