Truck Stop: A Trucker’s Guide to Safety

For many truck drivers, truck stops provide drivers with the opportunity to get some rest, eat, take a shower, refuel, and stretch their legs. However, truck stops can be dangerous for both the driver and their trucks. By preparing yourself with truck stop safety knowledge you can decrease your chances of running into a bad situation. Check out the below truck stop safety tips to learn how you can better protect yourself.

Truck Stop Safety Tips

Research Truck Stops Ahead of Time

Do your research ahead of time when planning your routes. Not all truck stops are created equal – some are more dangerous than others. Use apps such as Trucker Path to read reviews and additional information about truck stops.

Always be Aware of your Surroundings

Be aware of your surrounding at all times, especially at night. When walking through a truck stop always keep your head on a swivel and stay in well lite areas.

Lock your Doors

We cannot stress this enough, lock your doors when stepping away from your truck and while in the truck. An added precaution would be to use a ratchet strap to hold your doors closed while sleeping at night.

“Close up Shop” Cover your Windows

Be sure to cover your windows so others can’t see in. This is especially important at night.

Be Cautious when Approached

While it’s okay to be friendly and have conversations with other drivers, it’s important to not engage in conversations alone in the dark. You can run the risk of being robbed or worse. In some cases, individuals have notified the driver that they have damaged their truck. Do not get out, wait in your truck and ask them to pull around and show you the damage on their truck. If someone approaches your door, barely crack the window to hear what they say. It’s best to try and not be outside in a truck stop longer than you need to be.

Inspect your Vehicle

Always run a proper pre-trip inspection to ensure no one has tampered with your truck or your trailer. Pay close attention to your 5th wheel – saboteurs have been known to pull 5th wheel handles.


When heading to a truck stop it’s important to always be prepared. By following these simple tips you could prevent potentially dangerous situations from occurring. Check out Paper Transports’ commitment to safety here.