Why Your Fleet’s MPG Is Still a Hot Topic With Low Fuel Prices

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Why Your Fleet’s MPG Is Still a Hot Topic With Low Fuel Prices

By: Dan Deppeler, PTI Director of Maintenance & Procurement

With fuel prices down, should your approach to purchasing equipment change?

Let’s review a few relevant considerations that impact this decision:

  • Fuel is still one of the highest cost items on the Profit & Loss Statement (P&L)
  • Fuel surcharge programs do not fully recover the cost of fuel
  • Operating from a low-cost position will be defensible over time

The threshold for investing in technology may have changed due to low fuel prices, but a vigilant approach to managing fuel spend through equipment will always be relevant. We see this in large fleets and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) as they continue focusing on MPG improvements.

For example, Jeff Baer from Pedal Coach was recently recognized for his work in developing an app to positively influence driver behavior in real time. Josh Butler from FlowBelow has been in the spotlight for his aero wheel covers and has gained a place on the data book at Freightliner and Paccar.

Don’t forget, the most important factor to MPG for any trucking company is the driver. In addition to an aggressive MPG truck and trailer spec, Paper Transport, Inc. (PTI) has developed a driver recognition program that rewards our drivers who keep fuel cost down and trains drivers to become fuel-efficiency managers. At the 2016 Technology & Maintenance Council conference in Nashville, I had the opportunity to speak with many fleets about MPG. After those discussions, I realized our drivers are truly best-in-class. Their approach to manage fuel cost from the cab of the truck puts PTI in an enviable position. Thank you to all the PTI drivers watching this important cost item!

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