Our Commitment

At Paper Transport, Inc., we’re committed to providing our professional Class A CDL Truck Drivers with quality equipment, including the tractors they drive, the trailers they haul, and the little things, like helpful tools such as a Sta-Rat semi tandem axle release tool or something as simple as new work gloves, that make their job easier. Why? Because we care about their safety and know that in order for them to do a good job, they need to feel confident and secure behind the wheel.

Sean Bordeaux, PTI OTR Class A CDL Truck Driver - Paper Transport, Inc.

“I love my truck number 1288. I have had nearly zero issues with it in the over 80,000 miles I have been driving it since last December. It’s been an extremely reliable piece of equipment. When something does come up, its very minor. With quick call into our maintenance team, a plan is made and the issue addressed so I can get back rolling quickly.”

Sean Bordeaux, PTI OTR Class A CDL Truck Driver

New Equipment

Q: How old are your trucks?

Based on the average of over 1,000 trucks, the age of our fleet is 3 years old. Each year, we cycle out 5-year old equipment and replace them with brand new Kenworths and Freightliners along with brand new PTI 53 foot trailers. Typically, we receive anywhere from 4 to 6 new truck shipments each calendar year along with regular trailer shipments. 

Q: How is equipment assigned? 

All equipment is assigned to a specific driver and maintenance team who makes it a point to become familiar with the driver and his or her truck. Our maintenance team gets to know our drivers to meet their maintenance needs so they can travel the road safely and efficiently.

Q: Daycabs or sleepers? 

Depending upon the fleet, our drivers are behind the wheel of either. For example, if a driver is a part of a home daily fleet, he or she will most likely driver a daycab. However, on some occasions our drivers will be assigned a sleeper truck, depending upon our truck inventory. 

Q: What type of transmission do your trucks have? 

We have trucks with both manual and automatic transmissions. 

Q: How many people are on the maintenance team? 

We have a 11 person maintenance team located throughout our entire service area, from Wisconsin to Florida. 

Technology & Amenities

  • User-Friendly ELD Tablets

  • Drivewyze Bypass App

  • Bluetooth Radios

  • APU/Espar Heaters

Safety, Innovation & Change

We know what drives you, whether it’s family, achieving goals, or planning for the future. To help you get where you want to go, we always push forward. As we’ve pointed out, we pride ourselves at PTI in offering a newer, well-maintained fleet. Additionally, we embrace change, protecting the environment, and being able to adapt quickly to the fluidity of the trucking industry. We have some tractor-trailers that run on natural gas and we also protect our drivers using collision avoidance systems and meet the needs of our customers with the best technology tracking tools in the industry.



Take a Closer Look

Freightliners and Kenworths are the two main trucks our Class A CDL Drivers can be seen piloting down the road. Check them out: 


The Kenworth 2020 T680 has a sleeker profile with a long list of unique technologies and design features, plus, a spacious, comfortable interior.


The Freightliner 2020 Cascadia has advanced aerodynamics with an optimized exterior and interior design to meet a driver’s needs.  

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