Below you will find some of the most common FAQs we’ve received from Class A CDL Drivers, customers, vendors, employees, and the general public. Don’t see what you’re looking for on this list? Please let us know!

Do you haul only paper?2019-08-13T23:16:36-05:00
When PTI was founded in 1990, we had 3 trucks and were contracted to haul paper for a local mill. Since then, we’ve expanded and now transport:
  • Household Goods
  • Personal care products
  • Produce
  • Refreshments
  • & More

One thing to note is that we do not haul hazardous or refrigerated materials.

Which PTI are you?2019-08-13T23:16:11-05:00
Currently, there are many different companies that use the PTI abbreviation for their business – We are Paper Transport, Inc. The “Paper” in our name comes from our early days in the 1990. At that time, we had 3 trucks and a contract to haul paper in Green Bay, WI. Since then, we’ve grown to over 1,000 drivers and office professionals. Our headquarters is based in De Pere, WI and we transport paper, consumer products, and other goods by providing trucking solutions in the Midwest and Southern United States.
Do you train?2019-08-13T23:15:13-05:00
PTI does not have a driver training program for people to earn their Class A CDL licenses or those who do not have their license. However, we do hire a limited amount of recent graduates with Class A CDL certificates from a certified training school with 6 months of experience, who then enter our mentor-led training program.

Give us a call at 1-855-784-5627 to see if your Class A CDL driving school qualifies; we may be able to help through our Driver Mentor/Trainer program.

How much driving experience do I need?2019-08-13T23:14:47-05:00
A minimum of 9-12 months of recent tractor trailer experience is required for most PTI dedicated and regional Class A CDL truck driving positions. For our Intermodal positions, a minimum of 18 months of recent tractor trailer experience is needed.
I have a Class B license – does that work?2019-08-13T23:14:25-05:00
Sorry, at PTI we need Class A CDL drivers. A Class A license allows you to drive trucks with trailers of any size. The Class B license allows you to drive a truck of any size, but you’re not allowed to pull a large trailer behind a Class B truck.
Do you have a tuition reimbursement program?2019-08-13T23:17:35-05:00
At this time, PTI does not have a tuition reimbursement program for people who are looking to obtain their Class A CDL license.
Do you have a rider policy?2019-08-13T23:18:13-05:00
Yes! Once new PTI Class A Drivers have been with us for 60 days without suspensions, write-ups, and preventable accidents, they may bring a passenger with them. Riders may include:
  • Spouses
  • Dependent children (Must be at least 10-years-old)
  • Immediate family members (Must be at least 10-years-old)
  • Non-family members (Must be at least 21-years-old)
Are your trucks governed?2019-08-13T23:19:00-05:00
Yes, the trucks at PTI are governed at 63 mph when pressing the pedal and 65 mph when the truck’s cruise is set. This approach has helped reduce our fuel cost, accident frequency, and gives our Class A CDL Drivers a better opportunity to earn their own MPG monthly bonus.
Does PTI use electronic logging devices (ELDs)?2019-08-13T23:19:39-05:00
Yes, the PTI fleet uses elogs (computer logs or electronic logs) on a Samsung tablet based program called XRS. Each Class A CDL Driver is assigned his or her own tablet and using elogs enhances communication, improves driver workflow, and provides the driver with a seamless user experience through its ease of use and compatibility.

Additional tools include in the table include SmartETA trip planning, maps, communication apps, and more.

What type of equipment do you have?2019-08-13T23:10:05-05:00
The PTI Class A CDL driving fleet operates all dry van and is comprised of late model equipment to help keep maintenance costs lower. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s on the road:
  • Tractors – The majority of our fleet is comprised of Freightliners, but some Class A Drivers do operate Kenworths and Volvos.
  • Transmission – We do have some tractors with manual transmission. However, most are equipped with automatic transmissions.
  • Trailers – All of our trailers are manual release.
  • Fuel Type – Diesel and CNG
How much home time do your drivers get?2019-08-13T23:08:55-05:00
PTI offers different Class A CDL driving positions to fit the needs of our drivers. Home time options across our fleet include:
  • Home Daily
  • Home Weekly (1.5 days or 2 days)
  • Home Every 1 to 2 weeks.

A typical schedule for regional drivers is out 5.5 days (e.g., leave Sunday mid-day and home Friday mid-day or leave Monday mid-day and home Saturday morning) with a 34-48 hour reset that depends on their last load. Give us a call at 855-784-5627 for availability.

Can your drivers park their truck at home?2019-08-13T23:21:21-05:00
At this time, PTI Class A CDL Drivers are not allowed to take their trucks home for liability reasons. Plus, if there are any maintenance problems, or if a driver needs to take a day off, it complicates the accessibility we have to the truck.
Are there other bonuses besides sign-on bonuses?2019-08-13T23:21:51-05:00
Yes, PTI awards bonuses to its Class A CDL drivers in addition to its sign-on bonuses. Here’s how they’re broken out:
  • $1,000 Referral (Awarded to all drivers)
  • Up to $300 MPG bonus per month (Mileage Drivers)
  • $100 Injury free bonus (Hourly Drivers)
Do you offer detention pay?2019-08-13T22:48:20-05:00
Yes, PTI’s mileage Class A CDL drivers receive detention pay of $17 an hour after the first hour and up to 8 hours of detention pay in total.
Do you take owner operators?2019-08-13T23:25:41-05:00
Yes, PTI does have an owner operator program for our regional and dedicated fleets. To learn more about these Class A CDL driving opportunities, please call our recruiting team at 1-855-784-5627. Or, visit one of our owner operator job listings found here to get more information:
Do you have a pet policy?2019-08-13T23:22:38-05:00
Yes! Non-daily PTI Class A CDL Drivers may bring up to two pets with them at a time when they’re out on the road. To ensure the pet’s safety, they must be restrained or kenneled while the truck is in motion.
What type of benefits do you offer?2019-08-13T23:22:11-05:00
PTI offers our full-time Class A CDL Drivers medical, dental, vision, paid vacation and holidays, and much more. See a list of full benefits by clicking this link: Click Here to View Benefits
Are there sign-on bonuses?2019-08-13T23:22:06-05:00
Yes, PTI does offer sign-on bonuses for the majority of our driving fleet. The amount does vary and Class A CDL Drivers are paid this bonus when they pull their first load with us.
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