Our Driver Stories

Hear from our drivers about their experience working with Paper Transport day-in and day-out.


Meet Chip

Chip has over 38 years of driving under his belt and has trained over 50 drivers for Paper Transport! Watch and listen as he shares his experience with Paper Transport and being a Driver Trainer.


Meet Amy and Debbie

These sisters are excited to share their story about how they transitioned from nursing and childcare to professional drivers at Paper Transport!


Meet Justyn

Justyn is an Over-the-Road driver trainer with Paper Transport! He shares why he became a driver trainer and reflects on his journey.


Meet Montrell

Montrell is a million-mile driver. Join him and his driver managers as they talk about healthy work relationships and how important it is to have honest communication in transportation.


Meet Jeff

Join in and listen to this million-mile driver discuss the wellbeing of drivers and changes he has seen in the transportation industry.