Our Driver Stories

Why PTI? Jason

During a visit to Paper Transport headquarters in De Pere, WI, Muskogee Regional Dedicated Truck Driver Jason talked about why he likes working for our company. From his original recruiter to his current operations team, he’s felt supported the entire time he’s been with PTI. Thank you Jason for all that you do and we’re happy to have you on board!

The Perfect Fit Darryl

Flexibility to take time off for graduations, vacations, and family functions are important to Darryl. It was precisely why Darryl was ready to give up on driving after 20 years and why he was fed up with being treated like another truck number by other companies. Like Darryl, our team at Paper Transport believes you shouldn’t have to sacrifice family time in order to provide for them. We helped Darryl get home to his family and still enjoy the independence of the road.

The Family Man Drew

When Drew came to drive with PTI, he was looking for stable work–but soon it was clear that he also needed flexibility. From important things, like making sure he was home nightly when his son had a medical condition and being home in time for the birth of his daughter, to working with his weekly schedule so he can go to doctor appointments and church every Sunday, PTI has been helping Drew get home when it matters.

The Optimistic Owner Dave

Dave has always wanted to own his own truck and business. When he started with PTI, we worked with him to help make his dream a reality. Fresh out of trucking school with no experience, we hired & trained Dave. He worked with PTI for 2 years before becoming an Owner Operator. Now, his truck is almost paid off!

Die-Hard Driver Don

Meet a die-hard driver. Jacksonville PTI Truck Driver Don Herrington is motivated to work hard during the week so he can get home on the weekend to be with his family, race, work on racecars, and when he’s not doing that, he’s also flagging the track. What he loves most about PTI: “They take care of you and get you home when you need to do things other than driving.” We know what drives Don. What drives you?