Are your trucks governed?


Yes, the trucks at PTI are governed at 63 mph when pressing the pedal and 65 mph when the truck’s cruise is set. This approach has helped reduce our fuel cost, accident frequency, and gives our Class A CDL Drivers a better opportunity to earn their own MPG monthly bonus.

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Does PTI use electronic logging devices (ELDs)?


Yes, the PTI fleet uses elogs (computer logs or electronic logs) on a Samsung tablet based program called XRS. Each Class A CDL Driver is assigned his or her own tablet and using elogs enhances communication, improves driver workflow, and provides the driver with a seamless user experience through its ease of use and compatibility. Additional tools include in the table include SmartETA trip planning, maps, communication apps, and more.

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What type of equipment do you have?


The PTI Class A CDL driving fleet operates all dry van and is comprised of late model equipment to help keep maintenance costs lower. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s on the road: Tractors – The majority of our fleet is comprised of Freightliners, but some Class A Drivers do operate Kenworths and Volvos. Transmission – We do have some tractors with manual transmission. However, most are equipped with automatic transmissions. Trailers – All of our trailers are manual release. Fuel Type – Diesel and CNG

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