Are there other bonuses besides sign-on bonuses?


Yes, PTI awards bonuses to its Class A CDL drivers in addition to its sign-on bonuses. Here’s how they’re broken out: $1,000 Referral (Awarded to all drivers) Up to $300 MPG bonus per month (Mileage Drivers) $100 Injury free bonus (Hourly Drivers)

Are there other bonuses besides sign-on bonuses?2019-08-13T23:21:51-05:00

Do you take owner operators?


Yes, PTI does have an owner operator program for our regional and dedicated fleets. To learn more about these Class A CDL driving opportunities, please call our recruiting team at 1-855-784-5627. Or, visit one of our owner operator job listings found here to get more information: Owner Operator Job Listing

Do you take owner operators?2019-08-13T23:25:41-05:00

Do you have a pet policy?


Yes! Non-daily PTI Class A CDL Drivers may bring up to two pets with them at a time when they’re out on the road. To ensure the pet’s safety, they must be restrained or kenneled while the truck is in motion.

Do you have a pet policy?2019-08-13T23:22:38-05:00

What type of benefits do you offer?


PTI offers our full-time Class A CDL Drivers medical, dental, vision, paid vacation and holidays, and much more. See a list of full benefits by clicking this link: Click Here to View Benefits

What type of benefits do you offer?2019-08-13T23:22:11-05:00

Are there sign-on bonuses?


Yes, PTI does offer sign-on bonuses for the majority of our driving fleet. The amount does vary and Class A CDL Drivers are paid this bonus when they pull their first load with us.

Are there sign-on bonuses?2019-08-13T23:22:06-05:00
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