Dedicated Trucking Services

For over 30 years Paper Transport, Inc., has been providing a seamless transition for our customers. Our flexible and superior service paired with a team of transportation professionals, will keep your freight running safely, securely, and on time. Our focus is on the essentials – mitigating risk to your brand, visibility, cost-control, and service – while focusing on what you’re an expert in: your business.

Real-Time Shipment



Ability to track drivers to the minute with Smart ETA – machine learning that predicts the arrival time of your products graphically.

Customized Shipping Solutions


Analyze freight and perform route optimization – including load consolidation so your supply chain can be as efficient as possible.

Superior Customer



Smart ETA allows you to access the information you need when and where you need it. 24/7 support from your own dedicated account manager. 

Best in class



Advanced safety features, 24/7 Smart ETA, latest sustainability focused technology and many seamless ways to connect via API’s as well as other traditional ways.

Improve Efficiencies without Losing Value

At Paper Transport, Inc. we strive to provide unique solutions that fit the needs of each of our customers. Bringing innovative solutions that address your company’s specific pain points by performing an in-depth analysis we are able to drive cost savings and improve efficiency.

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