Alex Green of Jacksonville Achieves 1,000,000 Miles!

Meet Alex Green who hails from Jacksonville, Florida and drives with our Southeast Jacksonville division. Alex has an interesting, but not unusual story with Paper Transport, Inc.:

After starting with us in late December of 2006, Alex put in his notice nine months later in September 2006. Two years away, he came back to us in March of 2008 and stayed again with us for another six years – which is when he left us again to explore another opportunity. But he still came back to us after 6 months in November 2014.

After nearly 10 years (a little off again, on again), Alex has been awarded a Million Mile Driver for his great service to the team and achieving 1,000,000 miles with PTI.

We’re sharing Alex’s story today because it serves as a reminder to all of our excellent drivers: Once you are part of the family, no matter how far you stray, our door is always open.

Alex Green - Million Mile Driver 2016
Alex Green – Million Mile Driver 2016

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