Glen Smith of Florida Achieves 1,000,000 Miles!

Meet Glen Smith from Florida. With a passion for sprint car racing and tinkering with the corvette in his garage, Glen is a total gearhead. It may be this passion that has lead Glen to build a solid professional driving history and experienced leadership record. He was Georgia Pacific’s 2010 Driver of the Year and continues to be a one-of-a-kind professional that makes this industry thrive.

In the words of South Jacksonville Driver Manager Chris Kirby:

“Glen is an A+ guy. He’s very independent – always on time and you won’t get a call about the job. Instead, he’s the kind of guy who will call to chitchat. When I have a question, Glen is the person I can turn to. He is a great leader and mentor for all of our drivers and our office staff. He leads by example. If I had one thing to say, he could do my job better than me – better than anyone here at PTI.”

It is because of his continued dedication, leadership, and attention to safety that Glen is easily one of our best drivers. With a 10-year PTI Driver Anniversary just around the corner, Glen has been awarded a Million Mile Driver for his great service to the team and achieving 1,000,000 miles with PTI.

Glen Smith Million Mile Driver with Award - PTI