Boot Reimbursement Program for Truck Drivers

Being a truck driver is not easy. Often, you are required to multitask and think quickly. There is nothing worse than feeling like you have sore, tired, and aching feet in the middle of those busy days. As a truck driver, you should have a great pair of loose-fitting, comfortable, slip-resistant, safe to wear boots. Work boots need to be your second-best friend. So choose a pair of high-quality, more comfortable boots that will outlast any cheaper alternatives and hopefully save you from those pesky body aches and pains that come from improper footwear. You’ll want to find a comfortable fit. Obviously, if your boots do not fit properly, they will not be comfortable. You should also be aware of the correct fit for your foot health. Know if you need arch, heel, or ankle support.


Consider these four points:

  • Make sure your toes fit inside the toe cap. They should only just touch the sides and shouldn’t touch the top. If you need, some brands of boots use an extra-wide cap.
  • Laces allow you to adjust the fit of the boots much more than slip on’s. They also provide superior ankle support, which is why podiatrists endorse them.
  • The arch measurement of your foot is important to take as well, as arch support is vital to support the ligaments that connect your heel and toes. It’s a good idea to get your arch measured in a sports shoe store before buying your next work boots!
  • Your feet will swell by the end of a long day, especially when it’s hot. Try new boots on after work and wear the socks you wear each day.

Breaking your new boots in properly is also very important! They will often be stiff straight out of the box, especially with leather boots. Taking them straight out of the box and wearing them to work can leave you with blisters and wear points. When it comes to being a truck driver, increasing your safety and comfort are crucial. Wearing a solid work boot on a daily basis will help with controlling your truck with stability and maintaining your safety in the yard, especially when it’s hard to see where you are walking.

How does PTI help?

Paper Transport, Inc. provides all drivers the opportunity to participate in the Boot Reimbursement program. Drivers receive $80/year to purchase steel toe, slip-resistant work boots.

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