Paper Transport’s Women in Trucking

Women play an important role in trucking, making up 6.6 percent of the 3.5 million truckers according to the American Trucking Association. Since 2010, the number of professional female truck drivers in the United States has increased 68 percent and continues to grow. For many women entering the industry, it can be a bit intimidating with the long-time misconception that women can’t become truck drivers. Here at Paper Transport, Inc. you can find women working in various roles such as professional truck drivers, operations, driver managers, planners, recruiting, etc.

Women Breaking the Trucking Stereotype:

Women from both the office and behind the wheel are making a difference at PTI. Read just a few of their stories below:

“I have been a truck driver for 3 years and I have wanted to be a driver since I was four years old. My dad’s friend was a truck driver and he took me for a ride from my house to the dam, which was like two miles away – then turned around and brought me back. But that’s all it took, I fell in love with the truck.  He had one of those little tiny coffin sleepers with a black and white TV in there, and a huge Maxwell House jar full of coins. I just thought that was the coolest thing and from that moment on I have always wanted to be a driver. As a female driver, I don’t feel much different than anyone else. I have had guys come up to me at the fuel pumps and ask if I drive my truck all by myself. Of course, I do, do you drive your truck all by yourself? They’re usually impressed by my ability to be out over the road alone. The truth is, not everybody is cut out for this job, it’s lonely. I’m happy by myself.” – Lori S, Driver


Lori S, PTI Professional Driver

“Being a female in this industry isn’t terrible. I actually like it because the challenge isn’t in being a woman, it’s in being small. I’m very short so I find that that makes it more difficult than anything else. But still nothing I can’t handle. There are those times when you know that as a woman, you’re going to take extra precautions, like getting to a truck stop early enough to shower, then to a rest area to park for the night and close up the curtains before anyone out there sees that I’m a female, alone, at a rest stop. I’m not afraid though, because I might be small, but I‘m tough. My favorite part about my job is getting to bring my wife out on the road with me. She gets to come out often and I’m lucky to work at a company that allows me to have her there.” – Cole G, Driver


Cole G, PTI Professional Driver (left)

“Being a Driver Manager is more than just an occupation for me. I desired to be a Driver Manager so that I could improve drivers’ lives while out on the road, the way others did for my very own father. My parents met while both working for a local carrier – my mother worked in customer service and my father was a company driver. Transportation has always been a huge part of my life and even from a very young age, I could name the different types of trailers by the time I was in grade school. My father worked long hours including being over the road for quite some time so I have a deep understanding of how tough it can be on the other end of things. Growing up I never saw myself getting into transportation –with both of my parents being in the industry, I just never imagined myself following in their footsteps.


Driver Manager, Haley, and her father

I knew I always wanted to acquire a business degree but really struggled to find my place as this can be such a broad degree. I decided then, to focus on supply chain management. I found Paper Transport through UWGB when I started looking for internships and decided to apply. So why did I choose Paper Transport when there were so many other internship opportunities? The culture and their mission! Their mission is to build a great and safe place to work and they appreciate that everyone is motivated by something different.  Whether you are a driver here at PTI or an employee, you are more than just a number. I do truly feel like this job has prepared me for a long and successful career in transportation, and I am extremely thankful that I get to work and learn from such hard-working individuals daily.” – Haley H, Driver Manager

Take On a Career That You Will Love

The women at PTI have one thing in common, they all love what they do. Transportation is a rewarding career that many women have stepped into and have excelled in. If you are looking to make a career change into logistics and transportation check out our office and driving opportunities.


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