Fast Food Guide: Truck Driver Edition 

fast food guide for truck drivers

Did you know the Center for Disease Control and Prevention released an article stating the average life expectancy for a commercial truck driver is 61 years old, which is a whopping 16 years less than the national average?  

Once learning that statistic I could not just sit here and do nothing. I decided to find out what fast food locations truck drivers are most likely to stop at while on the road, take the top 4 voted locations, and put together a Fast Food Guide: Truck Driver Edition of “what to eat and where” for truck drivers to utilize across the country.  

One burger at a time can increase the life expectancy and overall health of our truckers. I promise I will not tell you to order a salad for every meal. Life is too short to not enjoy the good stuff! Continue reading to learn the best food options from our top 4 voted locations: Arby’s, Culver’s, Popeyes, and Subway!  

First up, Arby’s –

I get it – if you go to Arby’s, you want the roast beef sandwich. In this case, the Classic Roast Beef Sandwich is the way to go. Of all the roast beef sandwiches offered, this one has the least calories: 360 calories, .5 g trans-fat, 35 g net carbs, and is packed with 23 g of protein.

If you are okay with stepping away from the roast beef, the Turkey Slider is a better option. It contains only 180 calories, 0 g trans-fat, 20 g net carbs, and 13 g of protein – this sandwich will leave you feeling less bloated.

Let’s talk sides! An Arby’s Side Salad is going to be the healthiest option with only 70 calories, 3 g carbs 0 g trans-fat.

Next up, Culver’s –

You need the essentials – I get it. “The Original” Single Butter Burger has 390 calories, 37 g net carbs, .5 g of trans-fat, and 20 g of protein. For a good burger that really is not awful. Before I forgot to mention, let’s talk sodium. Assuming you are eating three meals a day and staying away from salty snacks, the rule of thumb is to stay under 800 mg of sodium per meal. “The Original” has only 480 mg of sodium, which falls under these guidelines.

For the healthiest option, the Grilled Chicken Sandwich will be your best bet. Weighing in at 390 calories, it’s still very filling, but only 8 g of fat, 0 g trans-fat, and a whole 41 g of protein.

For a side on the menu, we have steamed broccoli at an all-time low of 40 calories, 0 g fat, and 4 net carbs.

We all need some good chicken in our lives and Popeyes is here to do that for us –

The Banofide Chicken Leg – spicy or mild – is a tasty choice with only 160 calories, 9 g total fat, 0 g trans-fat, 4 net carbs, and 14 g of protein.

If you are really looking to pack in the protein, go for the Hand-Crafted Chicken Tenders Blackened (3 pieces). Low in calories, it has only 170 calories, 2 g total fat, and 26 g of protein to keep you full for the long haul!

Regular-sized green beans will pair nicely with either of the above options. Low in calories, fat, and carbs this is the perfect vegetable to complete your meal.

Last, but certainly not least, is Subway –

Looking to stay full for a while? The Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Wrap is going to fill you up. Loaded with a ton of protein (68 g), little fat (12 g), and high in calories (weighing in at 590 calories), this wrap may have you skip your late-night snack!

Are you a roast beef Arby’s lover, but looking for a healthier option? The Subway Roast Beef is a great substitute. You can even ask for your sandwich to be toasted for a full Arby’s effect. Roast beef is only 300 calories, 5 g total fat, 740 mg sodium, and still 22 g of protein.

There are times when we need comfort food. I hope one of these options inspires you to try something new and healthier during your next stop.

For more information regarding a healthier lifestyle, check out our blog post on How To Eat Healthier On The Road, focusing on preparing meals at home and bringing the right foods on the road with you.

Danielle Kobriger, Website and Content Specialist Paper Transport

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