Success Driven By Meeting the Needs of Employees

GREEN BAY – Recognized as a leader in customer service with awards such as Georgia Pacific’s Carrier of the Year and named among the Top 250 Largest Carriers by Commercial Carrier Journal, local transportation company Paper Transport, Inc. (PTI) celebrated 25 years of success on Thursday.

On February 5, 1990, PTI was founded by Lennie Shefchick and Roger Grimsely with 3 trucks serving Fort Howard Paper Company in Green Bay, WI. After experiencing 15% growth rate over in the last 10 years and achieving a national CSA Safety Measurement System score of 21%, it is clear PTI has found a successful balance between customers, employees, and safety.

Jeff Shefchik, Paper Transport, Inc. President

Jeff Shefchik, Paper Transport, Inc. President

That balance begins with a team of people who are excited about new opportunities and are driven to succeed in their personal and professional lives. “Our employee’s growth becomes our growth,” Shefchik stated. “We ask every employee and customer ‘What Drives You?‘ because helping them meet their goals is important to the success of our company,” Shefchik continued. “With the great needs in the driver market, we continue to grow because of this dedication to helping them get what they want: home time, respect, and pay that’s more than the industry average.”

Shefchik continued to emphasize the importance of balancing family and working relationships in order to foster the company’s growth. “What separates us from others in our industry is we recognize employees – office workers and drivers alike – have families and we work to balance that family and working relationship,” Shefchik said. “If they need to get home because of a family event or an emergency – we need to get them there. We know if we don’t respect that part of their lives, then they won’t want to work with us. We help you and your family, you help us.”

At present and in the future, PTI continues to stay out in front of technology to improve MPG and safety in order provide cost-effective transportation solutions and keep drivers safe. Shefchik concluded, “Our values will always be in our people, our customers, and our safety.”


Paper Transport, Inc., headquartered in Green Bay, WI, currently operates 500 power-units, with a focus on regional truckload service, dedicated operations, and intermodal service. They operate terminals in Dayton, OH; Chicago, IL; Green Bay and Franksville, WI; Jacksonville, FL; Muskogee, OK; as well as Cedar Springs, Albany, and Savannah, GA. They can be reached at 800-317-3650, info@papertransport.com, or www.papertransport.com.