Paper Transport Receives US EPA 2020 SmartWay Excellence Award

Paper Transport is a proud recipient of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2020 SmartWay Excellence Award. We received this award for our leadership in environmentally responsible shipping and it’s an honor to be recognized. Moving forward, we will continue to work with our customers finding innovative ways to minimize our impact on the planet. This award represents just one of the ways that Paper Transport is working to reduce emissions.


What is SmartWay?

EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership is a market-driven initiative that empowers businesses to move goods in the cleanest, most energy-efficient way possible, while protecting public health and reducing air pollution. Demonstrating a commitment to corporate sustainability and social responsibility through SmartWay provides for a more competitive business environment. This allows our partners to make freight decisions that have a positive impact on efficiency and the environment.

Since 2004, SmartWay Partners have avoided emitting more than 134 million metric tons of harmful air pollution. Thus, saving 280 million barrels of oil and $37.5 billion in fuel costs – equivalent to eliminating annual energy use in over 18 million homes. In addition, SmartWay partners also help protect clean, healthy air by significantly reducing pollution. This pollution contributes to smog, including fine particulate matter and nitrogen oxides.

“EPA is pleased to honor these SmartWay Partners with a 2020 Excellence Award,” said Karl Simon, Director, EPA’s Transportation & Climate Division. “These shipper and logistics company Award recipients continue to lead through these challenging time. We accomplish this by working diligently to manufacture quality products and arrange efficient shipping. Therefore, our families to receive goods and supplies needed each day while contributing to a healthier, more sustainable future for our children.”

Our Commitment to Building a Sustainable Fleet

We’ve committed to reducing our carbon footprint by implementing fuel-saving technologies and operational practices. Sustainable practices have been placed at the core of our business. We challenge ourselves to reduce costs and enhance value by tasking ourselves to conserve resources and function more efficiently year after year.