Thank You To Our Veterans

Thank You to Our Veterans And All Who Have Served!

To commemorate Veterans Day in honor of those who have served in the military, we’d like to recognize Paper Transport, Inc.’s veterans, who make up 19% of the dry-van company’s driver workforce. In the last two years alone, Paper Transport has hired over 200 Veterans.

I have always been proud of the fact that our industry has such a high concentration of veterans in our workforce. Our nation’s veterans have shown that they have the ultimate work ethic. I think that translates well with being a professional truck driver. We are very thankful for the selfless military service that our veterans have provided for our country and freedom and we are proud to have so many veterans part of the trucking community. There are not many occupations that are more American than being a service member in the military or a professional truck driver. A sincere thank you to all who served.

– Ben Schill, Paper Transport Vice President

Kelly Middleton, Marine Corps

I spent four years in the Marine Corps. 1976 to 1980. Went places I would never have dreamed of. That some of the best people I’ve ever met in my life. Would do it all over again. Here at Paper Transport, I work with a great team. Makes life so much easier and very enjoyable.

Benjamin Taylor (Jacksonville, FL), Navy

“I enlisted at 17 in the Navy. After boot camp, I became a Hospital Corpsman. I served mainly with Fleet Marine Force abs Seabee units. I completed 9 deployments from 2002-2014 when I returned to teach at Naval Hospital Corps School until 2016. My final duty station was Naval Expeditionary Logistics Force Jax Detachment until 2018 when I completed 20 years of Active Service. I transitioned to the Selected Reserve and still currently serve as a Reservist.

I currently serve as NR Fleet Hospital 5, HQ/Ops Company’s Senior Enlisted Advisor. In 2018, I started with Covenant as a solo dedicated Dollar Tree driver and when they lost the account I moved to Georgia Pacific. While at Georgia Pacific Rincon, I kept talking to Paper Transport drivers and they were always headed home – bragging about the 5/2 schedule. I called Paper Transport’s recruiting in April of 2019 and have been with Paper Transport since. I had the world’s best training in Norm Ashbrook and have loved working for another Navy Vet, Chris Hackler. I came to Paper Transport’s Anheuser Busch division when the account started and I’m in the process of transiting back to OTR soon to become a trainer hopefully on south board. I would enjoy training other veterans and new drivers. Veterans no matter what branch or period tend to bond easier with other vets.”

George Stoll (Dacula, GA), Army

“I salute y’all today for your sacrifice, dedication, and service. It’s an honor to have served with such great Soldiers! HOOAH I don’t have many pics from Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Our gear was thoroughly searched when we left and most of my Kodak disc was taken. 2 were not found but most of the pics are from the R&R ship we were on before we flew out! During the cease-fire, we were disabling Iraqi equipment.”

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