Paper Transport Driver Passenger Program

Bring your family and friends on the road this summer with PTI’s Passenger Program! The Passenger Program allows drivers to earn the privilege of bringing along family and friends after having passed a probationary period of 60 days free of any accidents, write-ups, or suspensions. Drivers must also have acceptable driving records free of any serious violations and no more than three moving violations in the past 3 years.

Passenger Program Policy

Once drivers become eligible for the Passenger Program, they can have one passenger accompany them on the road. The types of passengers are limited by policy and only immediate family members (spouses, children over the age of 10, etc.) or non-family members over the age of 21 are allowed. Any requests for the program will take into consideration two things: time of year and type of trip. Eligibility for the Passenger Program will be based on PTI’s safety program, which aims to ensure that drivers are being safe on the road and to measure their performance. As stated before, those drivers who showcase outstanding safety over a period of 60 days will be given this privilege. Please note that PTI reserves the right to suspend or limit the Passenger Program and will take strict disciplinary action against drivers, who have an unauthorized passenger including but not limited to termination or lease termination.


Steps for submitting a request

After meeting the above criteria, if a driver wishes to bring a passenger along, they will need to request the required forms from their Driver Manager or Safety Director. Drivers will need to submit a release of liability and a complete passenger authorization to the safety department at least FIVE days in advance. Drivers will also need to secure passenger accident insurance with acceptable limits in advance. Approvals or authorization must be in writing from PTI and the Safety Director and remember passengers must observe all safety rules, they are restricted from driving, and will not be allowed on customer docks and/or assist with loading or unloading.

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