Paper Transport Success Story: Intermodal Logistics

Intermodal Logistics is not a new concept for Paper Transport. Our first load moved on the rail back in 2012. As 10 years have passed like other transportation companies, we’ve had our ups and downs. However, the past year, our team has significantly grown both financially and in size. What started as one load has exponentially grown to a team of over 20 associates. Now we are able to move freight across the country on multiple major rail lines. 

We work with the rails and private asset companies to secure containers to move our customer’s freight across the country. We have developed relationships with drayage carriers at every major rail hub throughout the US. This has allowed us to continue to successfully provide nimble solutions others cannot. 

This past year, we have restructured our team. By doing this, we created new roles that focus on our highest cost areas which allow other associates to focus on daily tasks.  Paired with the creation of a new internal software program, our restructured design has improved the visibility of high-cost problems before they come to a realization. Both efforts combined have improved our equipment charge accuracy by 34%. 

We continue to expand our foothold in the intermodal marketplace with the addition of our inside sales team. Working closely with our brokerage division we have put into place a new set of associates. These associates specifically focus on moving and selling rail shipments. To expedite our quote process for customers we have partnered with a new software provider. This software allows us to filter through all our available options with greater accuracy than ever before. 

Operations Manager Ashley Figueroa talks about another important asset that has allowed for such growth to be made possible. “Our IT team has also been a big help in allowing us to handle our increased volume effectively. They have worked on various projects for us such as EDI rail billing, developing the ITSG load splitting program, and creating a container-management tool that has taken a lot of the manual work off our plates so that we can focus on growing our business and work on winning more freight in the spot market as well.”

Finally, Director of Intermodal Logistics Kristina Deprey feels confident that “the changes we have made this year have set us up for success in the current environment and our growth goals into 2023.”

Learn more about Paper Transport’s Intermodal services here.

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