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2015 Paper Transport Driver of the Year

2015 Paper Transport Driver of the Year Jacksonville, Florida-based driver Darrell McFarland leads the Paper Transport, Inc. fleet with 2015 Driver of the Year Award. With 45 years of professional driving and 4.5 years at Paper Transport, Inc., Darrell McFarland has logged over 536,000 miles with PTI safely, achieved an MPG of 8 or better…

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Where Are All the Good Paying Jobs?

Where Are All the Good Paying Jobs? By: Joe Shefchik, PTI VP Business Development and Solutions Perhaps we’re asking the wrong question about jobs and the workforce. While capacity in the trucking industry has had some solid growth in the past year, there are major headwinds on the horizon. With an electronic logging mandate taking…

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4 Payroll Improvements That Impact Driver Turnover

4 Payroll Improvements That Impact Driver Turnover By: John Renier, PTI Controller In trucking, there are three basic factors that drive the success of any company that affect driver turnover: Get them rolling, get them paid, and get them home. These three items must work together and if any one of these elements is out…

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Why Trucking Needs to Get Social

Why Trucking Needs to Get Social By: Ben Schill, PTI Director of Operations I’ve always considered myself relatively technologically savvy. After all, I grew up during the monumental shift from business applications performed with typewriters to computers. In college, e-mail was gaining speed. By my senior year, no more snail-mail letters were sent home and…

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Paper Transport Grows Central Florida Intermodal Lanes

PTI Grows Intermodal Service Paper Transport is bringing asset intermodal capacity to Central Florida. We created 4 truck driving jobs and established 4 trucks to our domestic intermodal business with more to come. This addition keeps PTI moving on two key initiatives: Grow jobs and business that gets drivers home to their families every day.…

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Paper Transport Kicks Off Driver Appreciation Week With Raise

In the face of a national driver shortage, Paper Transport, Inc. strives to be the company safe drivers want to stay with by sharing their appreciation in the driver’s pocket with a two-cents per mile pay increase.